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Alcester Town Hall


 15th December 2018 – Alcester War Memorial Town Hall.

“Oh what a night, mid December in 2018”, nope doesn’t have the same ring as Frankie Valli’s version, oh well. Well what a night it was at this amazing location. As we walked up to it the first thing that struck me was, “it is an island, surrounded by roads”. Alcester War Memorial Town Hall is a stand alone building with the main road going along the left hand side, as you look at the front and a car park wrapped round the other sides. To be fair I thought we were going to get loads of noise pollution not only from the road but also from the pub that runs alongside on the car park side of the building. But hey, what do I know. Abbie Kelley and I were greeted at the door by David Malin, Overseer/Curator/Keeper of the keys? To be fair I am not sure of his role in the town hall, but he has lived and breathed Alcester and the hall for a long time and it was such a pleasure, honour and gift to have him with us last night..

Soon after we arrived the rest of the team Andrew Dark-Se, Ann Marie Pooleman and Dave Havok Trenholm joined us, along with some of our regular guest, Paul Jones, Helen Jones and Jayne Louise. After getting everything ready for the night, as our guests started to arrive, the team headed upstairs to the main room (Wow, that’s all I say about it at this point) for a short team meditation and focus session where we all heard footsteps circling us while we had a few minutes quiet time before heading back down and meeting and greeting folks.

Andrew kicked the night off with the usual welcome and introductions all round, Paul was presented with his cap from the team with his catchphrase embellished on it, “Come out of the darkness” and that set the tone for the night. It was a light, jovial, camaraderie type of night with lots of festive treats for everyone to enjoy, including some lovely cakes from our very own Helen Jones (Yes I know Paul, you as well). So, we headed upstairs to the main room for our opening session and group vigil. Did I say Wow by the way, the upstairs room is magnificent, as is the whole building, big high ceilings supported by masses of roof trusses, magnificent central fireplace and certainly big enough to swing several cats at the same time (The whip variety, not the feline ones). With a few devices placed around the room, and Alices already spitting out random (or maybe not random) words everyone grabbed a chair, formed a circle and took their seats. I led the group in a short meditation session, using the time to help everyone get grounded and protected at the same time. We had a lovely few minutes sitting in a quiet glade, in the sunshine, basking in it’s warmth and light before coming back into the room and sharing experiences so far. Some of the group had experienced sights and sounds whereas others had just felt relaxed and refreshed. As is becoming a custom (One I particularly like) of our sessions, Andrew led the group in introducing ourselves to spirits, giving them a minute or two between introductions for us to sit and listen for responses. During this period, Jayne saw two white shadows standing behind both Daves, our own Dave and our host for the night who joined in throughout the investigations. Various things were heard, felt and sensed and at one point I mentioned I kept seeing a childlike shape up in the rafters at the far end of the hall and Paul and Dave H said they’d been seeing the same thing (This sighting was later confirmed by our host as something that had been reported by other groups before us). Movement was seen through the cracks and underneath the door at the far end of the hall, so Abbie went to check it out only to find there was no one on the other side. Andrew saw two bright balls of light coming up from around the fireplace area.

This brought us nicely to the first group vigils of the evening with Dave and Ann leading their group downstairs and Abbie and I stayed upstairs with our lovely little group (we were a couple of guests short as they hadn't been able to come) which left us with just 5 lovely people with us. Unusually, Abbie and I suggested we started off with a spirit board session and after allaying a few fears by explaining that the board is perfectly harmless and just another tool for communication, the five guests and myself sat around the table while Abbie put out a few more pieces of tech and monitored the Alice Boxes and asked questions as we went. As soon as Abbie had put the RemPod at the far end of the hall by the door we had seen lights behind, it started to flash different colours and making a noise. At the table we turned to watch what was happening and I said, “OK, thank you. Hello” and at the other end of the room, near the stairs, the Alice box there said “Hi”..It soon became apparent that as usual, spirits didn't want me on the board, moving the glass to goodbye each time I asked a question but happily answering the guests so I took my leave and stood up away from the table. As spirits came forward I found myself very restless as myself and one of the ladies had been at the end of the introductions and I kept pacing the room, getting messages and images from spirits throughout the session. Back on the table we had a number of spirits coming through and one little girl, aged 6 talked to us and said she had been strangled or suffocated (ah that might be why Jayne had to leave the group earlier with a feeling of not being able to breath and a sore throat) and that she was one of the children up in the rafters. George also came through very strongly on the board and told us he was from Ulster and then the name Nick came up on Alice and he came forward onto the table. As Alice gave us more words we discovered he was a man of the cloth and Victoria’s grandfather who had been hung for killing her (and potentially other things he did but we didn’t ask about those things) and that he was sorry for what he had done but when Alice said “Prayer” and soon after “Repent” we asked if he was looking for forgiveness so he could move on, he said yes. Spirits kept coming and going quickly on to and off the table as though there were a lot of them all wanting to come and chat all at the same time with it being quite obvious as the session progressed that each had moved away.

With time marching on, as it always does on our events, we headed downstairs for a break and a chance to catch up with Dave and tell him of our experiences. He said yes, people had seen something in the rafters, yes their was a little girl up there but not by the name of Victoria and had not been suffocated and that George was a main player in the spirit world at Alcester and always came forward as one of the main characters. He actually said to me when I asked if George from Ulster had a connection with the hall, that he felts shivers go down his spine.

 Andrew then said it was time to start the next session, “Hold up, I’ve not managed to get a drink yet, I’ve been too busy chatting about the first session”, oh well, at least I got a cheeky mince pie (or two) in. So, as the other group set off upstairs I Andrew mentioned we had another spirit board down here and I said no we won’t use that as we spent the whole time upstairs on the board and Alice said “Board”, really!! So, ignoring Alice Abbie suggested we try table tipping and as the other group had mentioned that one of their cat balls had started flashing during their time down here, I though sod it and put all four of mine around to see if we got anything. So we gathered around the table and started calling spirits forward to move it, tip it, spin it or even lift it off the floor and while I was trying to sort out the speaker for the SB7 Spirit Box, Alice said “Levitation!!” Alice was on form tonight. Unfortunately spirits didn’t want to show us any levitation or indeed anything on the table so we moved it to one side and gathered in a circle and started calling out to see if we could get any activity going this way. A few people felt they were being pushed, others felt they’d been touched but again not a great deal to report. In the end, I gave up and suggested what Alice had said and asked the guests if they wanted to try the board again. So, as we took up our places round the board, one of the guests noticed there was no goodbye on this one, ha, I might not get told to leave this time. Spirits came through thick and fast with George and Victoria being prominent again and on further questions we were told that there were 56 spirits in the building dating back throughout the centuries to way before the hall was built. As we were told this, Alice who had said a few names through the night, started spouting name after name as though the spirits were trying to list everyone there. We carried on with the board and heard the others heading down the stairs and saw their torchlight shining under the door so we told the spirits we had to say goodbye and asked them to take the glass to yes if they were happy to say goodbye and then we closed the board only to find, that the others were still upstairs and there was ten minutes until break time, so who came downstairs earlier? We sat around chatting about the events on the table and Sean said he was stunned that when asked what month it was the glass spelt December and then when asked the date, without hesitation it told us it was the 16th, and it was because it was after midnight. He also was stunned that while I had been talking to one of the spirits who said he had travelled with me and he knew me that the glass had spelt my name when asked. It turned out one of my spirit guides and good friend in life, Alex, had been talking to me all week and came though on the table to say hi.

So with the others still upstairs we made a quick dash to the kitchen to get first dibs on drinks and food and were soon joined by the others.

With an hour to go and the other group reporting that although they had got some activity downstairs in their first session with the pendulum bring a guest a message and the cat ball lighting up, they hadn't had as much as we’d had and with out group wanting to do a séance, it was agreed that we would all head upstairs for a full group session. So, gathered in the circle, nice and comfy on the chairs, why is that RemPod making so much noise? Hold on, the RemPod is flashing and making noise. We started going round in the circle calling out and asking for spirit to interact with us and the RemPod continued to give off the odd flash and beep. Thinking that it may need resetting, Andrew got the Pod, reset it and placed it in the centre of the circle. We continued to call out and as most people’s attention was focused on the red light in the middle, not much activity was reported from around the room but the Pod didn’t fail us and continued to react from time to time. With a number of the group having the giggles (Ann and Jayne, not mentioning any names) and others having way tooooo much banter (Dave H and Paul, again mentioning no names), only joking guys, I felt that spirit was having a bit of a laugh with us and picked on you guys to bring that laughter out, we finally got round the group and with half hour or so left we decided to relocate the circle downstairs to see if we could get anything from their. Unfortunately although Alice was still very vocal, no other activity was evident and at about ten to two, Andrew said it was time to bring the night to a close, but Alice wasn’t happy about this and pretty much said so. I led the group in a closing meditation just to reinforce the protection for the night and their safe journeys home.

Before the obligatory group photo, Andrew went round the group asking for their view of the evening and everyone gave a good positive review of their time and when it came to Dave, our hosts turn, he was asked to give us some detail of the building and said that there was a door at the far end of the upstairs room in the rafters that we hadn’t seen as it was dark and that a workman was on a ladder trying to open the door and got pushed off his ladder. He then said that when the room had been opened they had found remains of a body. At this point I told him that we had been told that Victoria’s remains were still in the hall but obviously we weren’t aware of the cupboard. So after the group photo, we wished our guests a safe journey and thanked them for the night. We packed up our ever expanding kits and headed off. Alcester WMTH is a beautiful building, in a lovely little town, with lots and lots of history and a raft of spirits ready, willing and able to come forward and have a chat. What a wonderful way to finish 2018, I wonder what 2019 will bring? We won’t have to wait long to find out as our first event is on 4th January at Strelley Hall in Nottingham. It just leaves me to wish all of our guest, past, present and future (Hmm reminds me of a set of Ghosts from somewhere) a wonderful, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and very very Paranormal New Year from all of us at DARK SOUL EVENTS.


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