February 2nd 2019

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The union Inn


2nd February – The union Inn, Hinckley, Leicestershire
Our sixth outing of the year took us back to Hinckley just a few minutes walk up from The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre to one of the town’s pubs, The Union Inn. We arrived around midnight and unloaded our kit from the car, as we walked in we were greeted by thumping music from the karaoke and a bar full of revelling patrons. As the bottom end of the room near the door was unoccupied we set up our base area there and enjoyed the atmosphere of the pub, the energy being created was almost palpable and it was obvious this was a fun, happening venue. One of our regular guests, Jayne Louise, had arrived hours earlier and had made friends with everyone including our host for the night, Robert Mellor (We will hear more about him later) with Ghost Ma (Helen Jones) and Out Of The Darkness (Paul Jones) who arrived just before us also enjoying the festivities. The rest of the team; Andrew Dark-SeAnn Marie Pooleman,Cheryl Easingwood and Dave Havok Trenholm arrived shortly after and other guests joined as we approached 1am. We were pleased to note our birthday girl Kelly Weare had managed to arrive on time even if Gareth Merrick had taken them on a very roundabout journey to get there, via the North Circular (They came down from Up North as Paul would say). Our team and guests joined in a great rendition of New York, New York as the pub night drew to a close and as the last patrons, apart from the two in the loos, left, Andrew invited all of our guests and team to join him by the bar, Yayy, Andrew was getting a round in. Nope, he was doing the introduction and welcome to all our wonderful guests and outlining the plan for the night ahead and of course we couldn't let the night pass without singing happy birthday to Kelly. With everyone gathered in a circle in the bar area, I led a grounding, protection and meditation session to get everyone nicely focused and ready for the night ahead. After the meditation Andrew split us in to the three groups for the night with Abbie Kelley and me having Paul, Helen, Kelly, Gareth, Jenna Martene and two newbies to the ghost hunting scene, Loretta Worthington and Andrew Worthington. As we were in the cellar for the first of our vigils, Janine who works at The Union led us down and stayed with our group all night as she was aware of a lot of activity that had happened in the venue over the years. After having had a look round the main part of the cellar, very noisy and very cold, Janine led us in to a side room, down a very narrow passage. The room was about twelve foot square with very a very low ceiling as our two tallest guests found out (mind your heads Paul and Loretta) with very little noise permeating from the other area. We set up various pieces of kit including two Alice Boxes, K2 meters, REM pod, EMF meters etc. and started calling out for spirit to come forward. Before we had really started to call out, both K2s started flashing and Paul moved his around the room to try and debunk the activity but could find no reason for the lights to flash other than from an unseen source. To make sure there wasn't anything “normal” affecting them he swapped them around and moved them to slightly different positions and again the both lit up.

I made sure all phones were on flight mode, yeah they were and we continued to call out. Right from the start we had loads of activity with shadows moving around us, the door opening twice, the second time I had slammed it closed and knew it was fully shut, people feeling hot and cold at different times with them saying that they felt freezing or boiling even though the temperature settled to a comfortable 18 degrees Celsius in the room. We got a little annoyed by the amount of noise the group upstairs were making, they dropped something heavy on the floor then dragged a lot of furniture round and were not particularly quiet while walking either. But soon they went quiet and we continued our calling out. As there were obviously a number of spirits with us and Alice had been coming out with some interesting words and phrases I asked spirits to use the device to give us the name of a person and within a few seconds “Robb” appeared, okay it was miss spelt but Janine said, “That’s the landlords name” and the second Alice then said “Male”, well yes he certainly appeared to be a male and then the first Alice said, “Drunk” to which we all laughed and I asked Janine if Rob was a drunk and she said, “he is frequently drunk on his nights off and even sleeps on one of the sofas in the bar”. Oh wow, Rob you’re so busted and as Janine told us this, the first Alice then said, “Grass”, oh wow guys the spirits were so busting you both. So after a really great night to the start with loads of activity we headed upstairs for a break and to let the other team know what we thought of them making so much noise. We got to the bar and no one was around, ok so they had been their and had gone to the garage area at the back of the building so while we waited for them to come back Rob and Janine studied the floor plans of the building to see where in the bar was over the part of the cellar we were in. As we pinpointed the area the other team returned and swore that they had made no noise at all and definitely didn’t drop anything heavy. OK, so who or what was making the noise we heard in the cellar?

After a very quick break, as time was marching on, we moved to our next vigil which for us meant staying in the bar area, nope still no pint in view so we pressed on. I set our plasma ball up on a table and most of us gathered around on chairs while others maintained a watching vigil in the rest of the bar. While Andrew was doing the intro, I had kept seeing movement in the top end of the bar around the pool table end, others now said that they were seeing that as well as someone standing near the juke box and in the corner, (where Rob slept on occasions and he told us that was a corner that had been frequented by an elderly couple). So we settled at the table to ask spirits to interrupt the flow of energy in the ball to form a concentrated light beam and as we started we saw flashing coming from the far corner area, Helen’s cat ball had started flashing with no one near and it hadn’t moved. We spent about twenty minutes calling spirit forward to affect the globe but apart from the lights seeming to lift from the bottom of the globe so that more activity was in the top half, we didn’t get a definite touch on the globe. We then moved up to the pool table area to see if we could get anything there. Before we went, Helen put the cat ball on the table with the plasma ball, which had settled back to it’s normal pattern and joined us by the table. We decided to try a pendulum and Jenna was quickly selected to be the communication vessel. With her in the middle we started calling out and very soon got a male come through and started answering questions. For those who are sceptical about pendulums I can honestly say the movements that Jenna was making were definitely not of her own making as frequently she was moved almost violently backwards but only from the waist up and the movement was so sudden and violent (not in a malicious way but with the spirit eager to answer) that she was often shocked herself. Abbie had said on the way down to the venue that she had been getting the name Jack and this was the person who was in the middle with Jenna. Janine seemed to get a lot of response and was the main person asking questions and getting really good reactions. We then asked if the spirit would talk to us on the spirit board and it said it would so we broke the circle and moved to the board. While I was standing watching there was very little activity on the board and Kelly suggested Janine join the table as she was the one getting a reaction from Jack. While I went off to look at other parts of the room and check the devices around the glass started moving and they were given answers to their questions. At this point, Helen’s cat ball lit up again, setting the tone for the rest of the night with it going off throughout the rest of the night. As the board activity continued we saw another team return to the bar for a break and all of us were stunned that an hour had past already. We thanked the spirits for their activity and said goodbye on the board.
At 4am we headed upstairs for our final vigil of the night and went into the communal room where another spirit board was set up. Helen put their REM pod in the kitchen area and we started calling out while Paul and Rob wandered along the corridor to see what they could pick up. We heard a female walk past the door talking and when we opened the door there was no one there, the other two were a long way up and round the corner. Paul and Rob Joined us and Paul knocked on the door and was answered by a knock from the other side. We had K2 activity in the room but not as much as in the cellar or bar but in general the room felt peaceful with very little more activity. I suggested we went across the corridor to the room where when we were doing the pre-event walk round, every member of the team had walked in and gone dizzy as soon as we walked through the door. Having got settled in the room, Abbie pointed out that there was a mirror on the wall that would be good for scrying so armed with a red torch various guests took turns in asking spirit to alter their appearance. Some changes were drastic some minor but everyone who took part had some differences noticed by the others in the room. As time was getting on with only half hour left, Andy our newbie volunteered to do a lone vigil back across in the first room, so after making sure he was comfortable and OK I left him and went back to the others. We started a quiet calling out and listening vigil with little reaction, apart from that cat ball it just loved to light up and dazzle us several times in the room. With ten minutes of the night remaining, we gathered everything together, collected Andy from his vigil, he had been calling out but hadn’t got any reactions, and headed to the Base area. Andrew gathered everyone in front of the bar, still no bloody pint, for a group picture and then thanked everyone for the night and wished our guest a safe journey. While people were leaving I performed a closing down session for a few guests who requested it and we packed up our kit, thanked Rob and Janine for being so awesome and headed off home for a weeks rest before we head back to Great Central Railway, Loughborough for our return visit. I wonder how many full bodied apparitions we will see this time.



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