February 9th 2019

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The Great Central Railway


 9th February – The Great Central Railway, Loughborough, Leicestershire.
This was Dark Soul Events return visit to this venue and we were all filled with excitement and looking forward to a great night of activity as our first visit had blown our minds. For more details of that visit go to the DSE website and read the blog (https://darksoulevents.com/blog/october-28th.html

). The team began arriving around nine o clock for a ten o clock start. Abbie Kelley and I walked in to the ticket office and as we got to the top of the stairs, our medium Ann Marie Pooleman, regular guests on DSE events Ghost Ma Jones (Helen Jones) and PJ Darkness (Paul Jones) started coming up followed by another regular The Giggler ((Bet you can’t guess the origins of that nickname) Jayne Louise) and another of our more regular guest Pam who had all arrived earlier. Our hosts for the night David and Andy soon arrived and escorted us down to the Ladies Waiting Room which was our base room for the event. As there was a train due to return at nine thirty we kept out of the way as much as possible and with our other team members, Andrew Dark-Se and Dave Havok Trenholm (along with his other half Samantha Watson) arriving we started setting up for the night. I took a little walk around the station to see if I could pick up on anything or anyone before we started the night, also to find Abbie who I thought was still upstairs at the front of the station waiting for people and having a cigarette. I didn’t find her up there so went back down and thought she might be in the porter’s room as she likes to wander off and find quiet areas to explore. As I walked up to the door I heard two ladies talking very clearly and assumed it was Abbie and Ghost Ma but when I tried the door it was locked and on investigation there was no one around. As I retraced my steps Dave and Ann came up and told me Abbie was at the other end of the platform with Ghost Ma, so who had I heard having a conversation? Jacqueline Dixonarrived soon after closely followed by Ellis Bainbridge and Lisa Bainbridgewho have all been on events with us before. By the time the train had arrived and the passengers disembarked and made there way off the platform pretty much all of our guests had arrived including Nikita Dakin, Sara Upton Le-Hair and a few new guests to DSE events. At just after ten Andrew kicked the night off by introducing everyone and then handing over to Andy to give us a few health and safety tips as this was a fully working train station with various trip hazards and a long drop down to the train tracks etc. As Andrew was telling the guests that I would lead them in a short meditation I turned to Ann and whispered, “I have no idea what meditation I am doing tonight, I will just have to wing it”.

With the formalities out of the way we began the night in DSE style with a meditation, grounding and protection session next door in the main waiting room which has bench seats down each side and a table in the middle with several chairs around it. With everyone seated and ready for a night of investigation I led everyone in the usual relaxation and grounding etc and as I was doing this the meditation idea popped in to my head and as we were on a train station surrounded by trains, I suggested that each person imagine themselves on a train journey with them the only person in the carriage just enjoying the trip and relaxing. When I had brought everyone back to the here and now I started asking people how they had felt and if they had picked up on anything. With the exception of a few people who had just had a lovely relaxing experience, the majority had picked up on names, people and smells which was good because we had a lot to work with already. Andrew split the group up in to three teams and Abbie and I had Ellis, Lisa and a group of four ladies new to DSE. With the others arranged and told their first vigil locations, they all left as we were using the waiting room, top end of the platform and then men’s toilet block.
With it being a chilly night, luckily the storm that had been around for the last day or so (Eric) had blown out and the wind had died down, we decided to head in to the toilet block as that would be cold and we would then relocate back to the waiting room to warm up later. In the toilet block we had a tipping table and after explaining that the far cubicle was an active area with spirits, Lisa volunteered to stand in the doorway to see if she would either be evicted by the spirit who resides there or have the door slammed on her. The other five gathered round the table and we called spirit forward to start affecting it. Last time we were here one of the teams had the table bouncing around so hard we heard it half way down the platform so we were hopeful we would get the same now. With Alice spewing out words we encouraged, urged and challenged spirits to affect the table but they didn’t want to play. However when I asked spirits to communicate with us using the Alice Box and give us a name, a couple of words appeared followed by “Don” and one of our guests told us that Don was the name of the person who had first taken her to a spiritualist church open circle night. As she had called loved ones and family to come forward earlier we were left wondering if Don had responded and shown us he was with us. While Abbie went off to get the SB7 spirit box I explained to the guests that sometimes if you ignore the table and just generally chat, the table will start to move as if the spirits are fed up with being ignored. Jokingly to prove a point I said, “So what do you think about the weather we are having?” As I said it, the heavens opened and the rain started falling and as we stood looking at each other amazed, Alice said “Weather” okay, maybe those words aren’t quite as random as you might think. Abbie returned with the SB7, set it up and announced that we wouldn’t be using it as the batteries (which were new) had drained. We continued calling out but didn’t get any activity on the table and feeling a little peeved and jealous of the last group, we decided to head back to the warmth of the waiting room. Abbie fetched new batteries for the SB7 and we all took seats around the room and started calling out. A few shadows were seen here and there and movement was seen with someone or something passing the windows a couple of times. We heard noises in the room etc but didn’t get a great deal else so we tried the SB7 which we quickly turned off when a few of the guests said they didn’t like the noise it made. With a few of us seeing movements on the trains I suggested we all stand around the room looking out of the windows at the trains to see if we could spot something. Within seconds of being at the window, Ellis gave out an exclamation and moved away from his window quickly as he had seen someone walking along the platform towards us. After calming him down we realised it was another group coming up the platform to go up to the end to do some work there. With Ellis calm again we continued to call out but little else happened in the room. Before leaving to go to the base room for a break we discussed the event so far and we agreed that the most activity we had got was seeing a flash of light in the window above the door as if someone had flicked a torch across it which I debunked by going on to the platform to check if anyone was nearby and there wasn’t and the footsteps we heard coming along the platform which Abbie had checked on and again reported no one was anywhere near us.

After the break we had the use of the ticket office area at the top of the stairs and the platform and under the bridges to use. We headed upstairs where there was a spirit board set up and we decided to leave the board for now and perform a human pendulum to see if we could get any communication going. Having called spirit to move someone they wanted to use to talk through, it soon became obvious that Abbie was being pushed but as she doesn’t like the sensation of being in the pendulum, she stepped out of the circle and we ask spirit to pick someone else. No one obviously moved but the lady holding my right hand was being affected in a different way. From the moment I had held her hand, her left arm had started shaking to such a degree that I could feel my arm shaking as well but for some reason the other arm was perfectly normal. As no one had been moved by spirit I asked if she was happy to be in the middle. With her in the centre, arm still shaking, we started calling out to spirits and quickly found we were talking to a thirteen year old girl, Alice had said thirteen and the spirits confirmed the age for us. She was a little confused saying she used to play on the lines and that she had died of an accident but hadn’t died at the station. While we were asking her questions the words “Will appear” came up on Alice and we asked that if we went down to the tracks would she appear and show herself, she said she would. So having thanked her, we headed downstairs and under the bridge to a place we had been told by David that a girl was often seen. We started calling out and asking for the girl to show herself but no one saw anything of note under the bridge although Abbie did see a shadow figure move in front of one of the trains standing some fifty feet away from us. While upstairs Alice had said “Hop” and a few of the guests said they felt like they wanted to play hopping over the rails which we agreed could well have been a “Game” the children would have played down there. With little happening under the bridge we headed back to the ticket office for a spirit board session which was slightly delayed while I went to get a new glass after the one on the table slid off and broke as I moved the table. Thanks PJ Darkness, yes your furniture polish definitely made the boards more slippery. So, armed with a replacement glass we started calling out and as we did Alice said, “Can’t appear” and the K2 meter started going off and we got a few hits on it throughout the board session but again spirit was reluctant to use this form of communication even though the group had given enormous amounts of energy to the area by singing along to Vera Lynn songs as well as one of the group skipping and dancing around the landing clapping her hands and generally having a good time. This brought us to another break time so we thanked spirits again and headed of to the base room for a drink and some nibbles.
Our third and final areas for the night were the porter’s room where while we were waiting for guests I had gone with David and Andy to place a recorder and as soon as I had entered the room had felt a lot of anxiety and got chest pains, this being the area that had affected me on our last visit where the “Polish Pervert” was known to affect people and we also had the room on the other side of the platform which had been turned into a museum. As the other groups had said the museum had been active we headed there first, nothing to do, I hasten to add, with my earlier anxiety in the porters room. Having spent a short time looking at the exhibits we moved to the far side of the museum and formed a circle for another pendulum. A guest was pushed forcibly forward and continued to be pushed until I asked if she was ok going in the middle and then she appeared to stop being forced forward. We started calling out with me behind and Abbie in front and we quickly found we had the same thirteen year old girl but Abbie was also channelling someone who turned out to be a mid thirty year old man. She became very angry and had to leave the room heading out to get some fresh air and calm down. It turned out that the man had sired the girl by raping mum but he wasn’t her dad and her dad didn’t know mum had been raped. Soon after finding this out our guest in the middle said she felt like she wanted to push her fingers down her throat which led me to wonder if the girl had been poisoned or given something that made her ill. Before I could ask any more, the lady started retching and I took her out of the circle and outside to get some fresh air. Having given her some water we were concerned that she was still unwell even after telling spirit to stand away and leave her alone. With Abbie and her friends looking after the woman I went into the porter’s room with Ellis, Lisa, David and Andy where we called out to see if we could get any reaction expecting the others to join us shortly when things had calmed down. As we continued to call out, the noise outside the room got louder with other people joining them and then Andrew came in saying we were going to end the night then as several people were being affected by negative energies with several having chest pains, which I had also got before we started the event while standing on the platform and the lady was still feeling nauseous. We regrouped in the waiting room where we started the night and I led another meditation session calling forward all positive energies in the area and using our protection from earlier to banish all negative energies from the room. We spent a good ten minutes in the room filling the area with peace, tranquillity and healing energy before we ended the night and said goodbye to our guests.
As Ann was still not feeling right, Dave and I spent some time with her in the waiting room, with Sam sitting in as well as she was still feeling the results of the negative energies, casting out all the darkness and negative energies and filling her with positive energy, light, love and peace calling the Archangel St Michael to intercede and banish anything negative from her and the room. We finally got everything packed up, said our goodbyes and thanked David and Andy for being with us through the event before we headed off into the night. We have a two week break now before our next event which is the first of our hotel over night investigations which we are all really looking forward to, sadly Dave can’t join us for that event but Cheryl should be there to support us. See you all in a fortnight.

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