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11th January 2019 – The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre, Hinckley, Leicestershire
Dark Soul Events second and third outing of the year were back to back, Friday and Saturday events. The first of the two took us to Hinckley to the HAPRC for what turned out to be a very interesting and active night of investigation. So having been given directions of how to find the Centre by Andrew Dark-Se, it took all of us quite a while and a few detours to arrive with one pair of ladies driving round Hinckley several times before we flagged them down and directed them to the venue.
Having gathered in the base room for the night (and I need to say, Andrew wouldn't allow any of us in to the main rooms before the event, but the amount of bits and pieces in the base room made you really eager to get in to the main rooms), Andrew went through the introductions before letting our host lead us of for a tour of the museum. As we walked in to the main room the energy was palpable and the collection of odds and sods in the room is stunning. There is everything from dolls and clowns to old rocking chairs, forces uniforms and many more. This room led off to a corridor which opened out in to a small room totally brimming with antiquities before finally going up a short flight of steps into the back room which was set up for vigils with a large table, chairs etc.
Back in the main room I led the opening meditation and grounding session, interestingly (Well interesting to me) before events I think about what meditation I am going to hold and get an image come to be and the meditation develops over a few days. This meditation was to be based around a lighthouse tower of undetermined height that cast a 360 globe of light when the person pushed a button. What I didn't know before arriving at the centre was that it is housed in the top floor of a three storey building, putting us as high as I had envisioned my own tower before the event. Having gone through the meditation I then asked people what they had picked up on and a number of names, objects, feelings etc came through that came back to us through the evening.
With the time around nine thirty, Andrew split us into teams Abbie Kelley and I had Paul JonesHelen JonesMark Clayton and the two ladies who had driven the length and breadth of Hinckley, Mandy and Naz (or Noz or Nod, damn Paul you confused me with her name), sorry Naomi and had the base room and main room for our first area, while Dave Havok Trenholm and Ann Marie Pooleman with Jayne Louise headed of with the other guests to the rear of the building which also included the dark room (Sounds ominous huh). With so much “stuff” around us it was like being in a sweet shop but we had been told we could touch, pick up and use pretty much anything in the museum so rather than go straight in to a vigil the group spent time wandering round inspecting the objects, touching them and in some cases picking them up. Mandy kept touching a RAF uniform and pulled her hand away saying she couldn't hold on to it so I touched it and immediately felt my face get ripped off, we found out later that there is a spirit there who was seriously injured by a bomb blast which took a lot of his right side off, was he who I was channelling? As we had started to get some activity from a couple of guests who had placed there hands on the tipping table, we all gathered round it to see if the table would tip for us.. At this point both Paul and Mark were carrying dolls they had taken from prams, Paul’s was missing a leg which we all found interesting as when people had sat in the antique wheel chair several had commented that they felt like they only had one leg. The table moved a little for us but wouldn't tip on two legs and as we noticed some odd activity on the centre’s SLS camera that was set up in the room, we moved the table to that part of the room to try again. We carried out a couple of other vigils to interact with spirits including a pendulum where the service man came through and told us a lot more information. We also put our plasma ball on at the far end of the room and although there was no definite redirection of the light beams, we did notice that from time to time the stream going to the top of the globe intensified as though something was trying to touch the globe but couldn't quite get there. At this point the door opened and we all got excited until Andrew appeared telling us it was time to swap areas. We had a brief catch up with the other team, telling them about some of the stuff we had got, including some K2 activity etc and then headed to the back room for a spirit board session. While we were in this area, various members of the group took turns to go in to the dark room, (Still sounds ominous). 

The dark room is a large cupboard that has mirrors in it and as the name suggests is very dark. I had gone in to this room at the start of the night and after spending a few minutes in there getting oriented, I turned my body to look in the mirror behind me only to see a gentleman standing where I had been looking before I turned. Me being me said, “Oh, Hello. Can you tell me your name please?” I didn’t freak or panic, as it was just a man standing there, about two inches taller then me, a lot slimmer (lucky sod) and he had a pleasant demeanour about him. I immediately got the name Jack in my head and this name came through from others later in the night. So, on the board we started calling out and got some good interaction with various pieces of info coming through and a lot of giggling, an appearance of Monty Python (particularly Life Of Brian and yes he was a naughty boy) as spirit affected us and gave some of us the giggles. Before Mark went in to the dark room (Not the darkness Paul) he got some activity from one of the spirits on the board and as he asked spirit if they had a message for him, Paul, Abbie and I all got the same phrase come to our heads at the same time which was not at all friendly and basically told Mark to go a way. I’ll let you work out what the two word phrase was. (And again Life Of Brian popped up as two of us said in unison, in what way should we ………. Lord). Helen, who had not been well all night, had a coughing fit and became very uncomfortable and we weren't sure if it was the illness or the room that had started to affect her. While in the room there were a number of flashes knocks and bangs etc but the thing that got us the most was the person who walked up to the door and rattled the handle. We all heard the footsteps, we all heard the door rattle but when Paul opened it, no one was out there.
After a break and a good catch up, getting various things validated by our hosts we started the second half of the night with us going back in to the first room and trying different ways to communicate with the spirits. After we had tried several different ways of communication it was obvious that the spirits either didn’t want to talk to us or, they had all buggered of somewhere else because the room was as flat as a pancake. As we were all seasoned investigators and realised that nothing was happening here, after about forty minutes we did what all investigators would have done at this point, we went in to the base room for a sneaky cuppa and some food while the others carried on their vigils in the back rooms. 
We swapped back to the back rooms and spent some time in the smaller front room along side the dark room and did some calling out there where we got some good activity with flashing lights, shadows and knocks a couple of us saw light under the door even though I had been out earlier and made sure all the lights were off. We went back into the back room and gathered round the table again where we tried some glass divination. The glass moved and we did get answers to questions but the spirit that was with us seemed to either be distracted or was misleading us a lot. As I looked up at the mirror that Abbie had pointed out saying she had seen someone moving in it making it look like there was a different room in there, I saw a window with movement outside of it but there are no windows in that room.
We ended the night with us all in the main room for a group picture before we said goodbye to our guests, even though for some it would only be about 18 hours before we saw them again and we packed up and headed off, after thanking out hosts, from what had been a night of mixed activity and mixed results. The Centre is certainly an interesting place, as a venue for an event it is awesome, loads of artefacts, lots of spirits and a warm welcome from the people who work there, what more do you need. Yes we will be returning to the Centre, keep an eye out on the Dark Soul Events website ( https://darksoulevents.com/index.html

 ) or FaceBook page ( 
https://www.facebook.com/DarkSoulEvents/ )for details.

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