January 12th 2019

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The 1871 School House


Event number two of our weekend of investigation took us back to the Amazing 1871 School House.

12th January 2019 – 1871 School House, Leicestershire
Day two of our weekend of investigations saw the Dark Soul Events team return to the scene of our toughest event from last year, the 1871 School House where we encountered a very dark spirit who spent the whole night trying to over shadow us. So much happened that I had to take a different approach to my write up and taking nearly a week to post it. This time we were better prepared for the spirit, here is the write up of last nights event, very active but not as stressful. With everyone from the last event present again, Andrew Dark-Se welcomed the guests, Paul JonesHelen Jones,Jayne LouiseLynda BrookesJacqueline Dixon and Phil Andrew Newtonalong with two new guests, Paul and Lisa Fish with us for their first investigation. (I must admit, personally I was a little worried about them being with us for this event because of what had happened previously, I am not sure how the rest of the team felt). After introducing the rest of the team, Abbie, Dave, Ann and me, Andrew gave us a brief recount of what had happened last time we were there and some more background about the Hall, the surrounding area and it’s dark history dating all the way back to the Vikings who invaded and settled the area. After the introduction, Andrew then invites me to lead the meditation and grounding session. Recounting the meditation from the night before at the Antiques Museum, I explained to those who weren't with us what I wanted them to do. So prepared, I led the group in a meditation, taking them once again to their towers of light to drive back all darkness and provide them with a solid base to return to if they felt like they were being over shadowed. As part of the session I called the main spirit from last time forward and apologised for not trying to engage him last time and I invited him to come forward and talk to us through the night also asking his permission to talk to the other spirits as we felt he was the “boss” in the group so he could see we were there with respect, particularly for him. As usual after the session we asked round the room to see what people had picked up on and everyone had picked up on something. I mentioned that just before we started the meditation the word Mother had appeared on the Alice box on my side of the room and a few seconds later the name Peggy appeared on the box opposite and that my mother’s name was Peggy, this name came through again later for the other group, was mum there to help protect me, I know she is with me all the time, was this her way of reminding me? Just before we had a short break and split into groups, I asked if we could go round the room to introduce ourselves so the spirits knew who they would be talking to.
In our group we had Lynda, and Jacqueline, along with Paul and Lisa. Dave and Ann took the rest of the guests with Andrew spending a lot of the night with them. We started our session on the spirit board with Paul and Lisa sitting round watching. Spirit was reluctant to come through and Jacqueline said that she had been on one event where rather than asking spirit to move the glass, the people on the board moved the glass and asked spirit to stop the glass where ever they wanted to. We started doing this and it proved very awkward on the big board so we decided to try it on a normal sized board and it was also suggested that we try it with our eyes closed so that only Paul and Lisa could see what was happening. I fetched some blind folds from Andrew and fully attired the four of us placed our fingers on the planchette and started to move it, asking spirit to stop it where it wanted. As it stopped each time Paul and Lisa let us know where it was and we got some hits on letters and the odd number. The word number appeared on an Alice Box and the planchette stopped on a number. We then started calling out and asked spirit to move the device to the person they wanted to communicate with and it moved directly to Abbie. This happened a couple of time after asking the same question. When we asked for the spirit to show us where they were in the room, the planchette taking a large lazy circle before sliding off the small board and round to Lynda’s side where she and Paul had commented on how cold they had suddenly become.
We then swapped with the other group who had been table tipping in various parts of the building and had got some incredible activity while they went on to the board. They continued to get results with spirit coming through to them from the start but apart from a few times when the board moved side to side for a few minutes we couldn't get anywhere near the activity the other group had got. Andrew then joined us and as we were struggling suggested something he had done on previous events. Having retrieved his bell from the kitchen he placed it on the table and started ringing the bell at various intervals. Even though I knew it was going to happen, the first few times he rang the bell, it set my nerves jangling and shocked me, thinking about it as I write this, I am left wondering if I was channelling a spirit at the time because after the third ring my nerves settled and I was fine, was the bell affecting the spirit who was with me? As Andrew continued to ring the bell, in my head I saw Basil Fawlty bounding out of the office, slamming his hand down on the bell saying, yes, yes, it works. I didn’t share this at the time as it felt ridiculous but again I am left wondering if spirit somehow managed to drag that memory up in order to try and get me to stop Andrew from ringing the bell. Others in the room (we were in the toilet block) said they felt various things including someone feeling nauseous because of the bell. We then tried to get the table tipping again but with very little movement it was obvious spirits had got fed up with this game. 
This brought us to break time and in the kitchen we were treated to cupcakes that Dave’s other half (Sam) had baked for us and iced with the words Dark Soul Events spelt out on top and a lemon drizzle cake made by Helen, yes she is bake and baking up a storm. As I consider myself the epicure of the team, I had to sample both cupcake and drizzle finding them both very very yummy, thank you ladies.

After the break we all gathered in the main hall for an EVP session led by Andrew. With him sitting in the middle of the group he asked each of us to call out to spirits and ask them to speak into the recorder. This must have been a very odd thing for the spirits of the Hall as this was only the second time the venue had been investigated and they are still getting used to us being there. So taking it in turns we called out, counted to three and went quiet as Andrew recorded for about 30 seconds and then replayed it for us to hear. The first few recordings were clear apart from the odd noise from those in the room. When Paul, our new guest called out, there was definitely something caught on the recording that sounded like someone was trying to form words. This continued with everyone calling out and some responses coming through. When we had all had a turn at calling out Andrew then put the SB7 on and again asked each person to call out to see if spirit could manipulate the radio waves in order to talk to us. He handed the spirit box and speaker to me and I walked round the circle, taking time to stand in front of each person and letting them call out to see if spirit would talk to us. We did get some responses to questions and some of the sounds were definitely words but it was very hard to make out anything meaningful but it was obvious that spirit was trying to use the box. Hopefully they will develop that ability when we return in May for the third visit.

With about half an hour of the night left, Andrew asked me to lead the group in a pendulum. So with everyone standing in a circle, holding hands I was about to start calling out when one of Phil’s arms took on a life of its own and dragged the person next to him along until he pointed at a guest a few people round from him. Abbie then said that it looked like all four of the people in the group with mediumship abilities were being affected and looked like they were be over shadowed. I immediately called the group to order and told them to go back into the meditation and go to their safe place on the tower and light it up to drive the shadows back. Dave who was also being affected managed to come back to us and said that he had struggled to get his light to work and felt that the others were also fighting to regain control. When everyone seemed to be back with us I asked Phil if he was OK to be the pendulum and we started to call out. Within a few minutes, Phil’s face changed and it was obvious he was being over shadowed again and Ann was also battling hard. We spent time trying to get Phil back with him giving out a guttural laugh and saying “none of you are worthy” a few times. The decision was made to take him out of the hall and when he was settled on the bench outside we started calling all out gatekeepers, guides and the Arch Angel St Michael forward to banish the spirit from Phil and encouraged Phil to find his safe place where he could get grounded again. After some time we managed to get him back and Andrew then arrived with his sage stick another tool used to cleanse spirits from the area. With Phil back with us and Ann Marie also feeling more or less back with us we headed back indoors. As it was eleven by the time we all got back in, Andrew announced that we were at the end of the event and asked me lo lead the group in a closing down session. I asked everyone to go back to their towers and having got the lights blazing I then bound spirit to stay in the area and not travel home with us. I created a tunnel of light of protection for everyone to see them home safely and then closed the night down.
For information, I placed a Temperature Data Logger on the back windowsill in the main hall before the event started. When I got home I loaded the data on to my laptop and found that the lowest recorded temperature of the evening was logged at 1907 at 7.6 degrees Celsius, and the temperature at the end off the night recorded at 2300 was 8.8 degrees Celsius making a steady rise throughout the night of 1.2 degrees, even though at various times through the night people, including myself, commented that the room felt freezing cold. The logger recorded the temperature once very minute and at no time in the night did the temperature drop, it just continued to slowly rise in a constant line all the way up to 8.8.
As regular readers will see, this event was a lot calmer than the last but still with plenty of activity with a nasty episode at the end. If you would like to experience this incredible venue for yourself why not sign up for one of the two events we have booked for later in the year. Who knows, you might be the one who can tame the beast and get him to talk to us. Interested? Then head over to the Dark Soul Events website (https://darksoulevents.com/index.html

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