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The Woodhouse Manor


19th January 2019 – Woodhouse Manor, Nr Loughborough, Leicestershire.
Dark Soul Events fourth outing this month/year took us into the wilds of Leicestershire to an amazing location set off the beaten track. This was another first for the team and Andrew Dark-Se had done us proud securing such a grand venue. Having arrived and got all our kit set up, we had a look round the Manor, taking in its grandeur and its various nooks and crannies. With only a few doors locked, we had almost unlimited run of the building made up of a cellar (One of the locked off areas, for now), the ground floor with a floor to ceiling mirror (a scryers dream), the 1st floor with it’s warren of small rooms and the attic with lots of even smaller rooms as well as a couple of large areas with play equipment in. With a couple of dozen guest, this was a larger group than normal so we ran three groups instead of the normal two, with Abbie Kelley and me taking one group, Dave Havok Trenholm andAnn Marie Pooleman a second and Andrew joining the newest member of the DSE team Cheryl Easingwood on the third group. With everyone arrived, charged with hot drinks and snacks, Andrew welcomed everyone and introduced the team before explaining the plan for the night and giving the group some information about the venue, including some of its past uses and who the Manor used to belong to way back in its early history.
I led the group up to the kitchen end of the main room, the bottom end forming the base room for the night and asked everyone to grab a chair, form and circle and take a seat for the meditation and grounding session. For this session I had decided to let them decide where they wanted to go for their quiet time, simply asking them to imagine in their minds their perfect lounge where they could chill out, relax and feel safe. Having spent sometime relaxing and meditating, I asked Andrew to then go round the room, letting people introduce themselves and say what they picked up during the meditation if anything. As the group was made up of about a 50/50 split of regulars and newbies (Never seen so many paranormal virgins in one room), Andrew took time to reassure the newcomers not to worry about what the regulars, including Paul JonesHelen JonesLynda Brookesand Jacqueline Dixon) were saying as it is quite common for people to start becoming attuned to spirits when they have been on a number of events. After a short break to finish drinks etc Andrew split the guests into their groups for the night, Abbie and I took, Jenna MarteneAshleigh HallTim Jackson, Tim’s brother Dale and his girlfriend Sian who were on their first ever event, Kelly Weare and Gareth MerrickJayne Louise and our group was completed by Pam.
Our first session took us up to the first floor and as we gathered on the landing, waiting for everyone to catch up and the other team to head up to the attic, I looked round for Abbie to see where we were going to start but she had vanished. As per normal, Abbie had picked up on something and had gone off to investigate, as I called her back, she emerged from one of the rooms saying, “This one seems good, there’s definitely someone in there”, so in there we headed. It was a square room, set out with tables and chairs with just enough chairs for everyone to sit down, how convenient. As there was a sheet of blank paper in front of Kelly and pencils and pens in pots around the room, she asked if we could try some automatic writing so having explained what that was to the rest on the group they were all up to try it. Finding a drawer with scrap paper in and using the pens (kindly provided) I asked everyone to close there eyes and I called on the spirits to give people messages, names, pictures etc that they could put to paper and for spirits to guide the people’s hands as they wrote. We spent about five minutes in silence, apart from the pen noises while people tuned in to spirit to see what they had to say. I then went round each person, looking at their sheets and almost everyone had put something to paper. There were a couple of odd drawings, Pam I am not going to mention the appendage, and words had been written. One name in particular proved to be interesting as Michael came up in other groups as well as being written on one piece of paper. As I asked everyone to tidy up and put their pens away, the Alice Box said “Put”. As per normal, the various Alice boxes around the building proved worthy of their use as several came out with pertinent words throughout the night. From this room we headed diagonally (Luckily we didn’t end up in Knock Turn Alley) across the landing to another room which was set out with one large table in the centre and chairs all around. As we started our vigil, various people said they could hear talking coming from the landing so Abbie and Kelly went to investigate and told us on their return that they heard the downstairs group very faintly from the top of the stairs but there was no way it was them we were hearing as there were two more doors between us and the landing. As we sat and listened, the chatter got louder and sounded like someone was having an argument. We had K2 activity from the K2 at the far end of the room and when we whistled and asked spirit to copy, whistling was clearly heard by most of the group several times. There were footsteps outside the door but no one was there, we had knocks and bangs in the room and everyone took part in calling out. Our group had certainly brought a lot of energy with them. From this room we headed back to the other side for one last vigil before our first break and we found ourselves in a large room, with a nice clear space in the centre for us to carry out a pendulum. With Abbie and Pam sitting out, the rest formed a circle and called out for spirits to pick someone to use as a channel. No one really felt themselves pushed but Ashleigh commented that her hair had been pulled. With no one else obviously being chosen, I asked Ashleigh to be the pendulum and we started calling out to spirits. We had a mid twenties lady come through who wasn’t married and had no children. She told us she was from the manor years ago when it was a family home and that she had worked in the house as part of the service staff. She died in the area and the word trees appeared on Alice and when asked if the trees had something to do with her death she confirmed they had and she told us she died as a result of hanging from a tree. The word “hung” had appeared on Alice at the beginning of the night and while we were talking to the lady the words “hung” and “hang” appeared on ours. At this point Ashleigh started to feel very uncomfortable in the circle and we thanked the spirit for coming through, asked her to move away and Jenna then volunteered to be the pendulum. After a little bit of a quirky start with yes and no being the same direction twice, we finally realised we were talking to a youth and when we explained they had to work with us to be able to communicate we got a definite yes and no. We had a 15 year old teenager who had lived in the area and was trapped in the room with several other children and they were scared of the mistress of the house who had locked them in there. When we mentioned the lady by name, Mrs Fox, all three K2s in the room blasted all the way up to red and stayed lit for a good three or four seconds. When we asked the boy if she was with us he confirmed she was and that the other children had ran away lighting up the K2s as they ran. Unfortunately at this point Andrew came in and said it was break time so we thanked the young man and the other spirits for talking to us and we headed downstairs for refreshments and to catch up with the other groups. The group who were in the attic had also met Mrs Fox and one of the guests had caught what looked like a woman’s face appearing from a white mist. The activity was certainly high for all of the groups and not wanting to lose the momentum we urged people to finish the break quickly so we could move on to the next session.

Our group remained on the ground floor for the second session where we had several rooms open to us. We stayed in the main room to start with and moved up to the top end where the spirit board had been set up. With several guests sat around the table we called out for spirit to come forward but they seemed a little reluctant at first, but as Abbie and I were investigating the various knock, bangs and footsteps we all kept hearing, the activity on the table started. At one point we all heard a sound that I felt was like a trainer skidding on a wooden floor, oh the floor was wooden and children were definitely present with us as we found out when young Norman turned up on the board, Alice told us his name and he confirmed it for us. Norman told us he was also scared of Mrs Fox and that she was nearby as were several other spirits including more children. Norman was a very chatty young man and having answered a few questions I asked if he liked biscuits he said yes, obviously, so I got a cookie from the kitchen, placed it on the board and asked Norman to find the biscuit which he did. I would note at this point that to help with the energy on the glass I briefly placed my finger on it with my nail side touching the glass and as it kept moving toward the cookie I saw that everyone else had their fingers inverted. Having found the cookie, Jenna asked if he knew where the piano was in the room which he did so I took the cookie and placed it on top of the piano for him to get in the hope he may kneel on the keys. However he didn’t go to the cookie as he said Mrs Fox wouldn’t let him and Abbie said that she had picked up on the fact that he was starved to death which he also confirmed. Throughout the session several of us had seen people down the far end of the room including Mrs Fox pacing from side to side but once she had come to the board, we knew it was her there because the K2 on the board lit up to red again, I saw the shape of a man walk in to the far end of the room and this was verified by others in the group. Having got the word “Library” on Alice, we felt that would be a good place to go next so off to the Library we went. The Library is in one of the original parts of the Manor that still remains and the first thing we all noticed when we entered was how cold it was. It was a small room with three sets of bookshelves and just enough room to walk down between them. So, with us all standing in different parts of the room we started to call out and within minutes Kelly said that the area between me and her was freezing and as I put my hand in the area she indicated I could feel my already cold hand cool even more. Pam had her K2 about a foot away and mine was on top of one of the smaller bookcases in front of me, as we called out to ask if there were any children with us, Pam’s K2 flashed to orange and mine copied it. For quite some time as we were talking to the child both K2s reacted with mine flashing up to red several times, making me wonder if Mrs Fox was still with us and Pam’s flashed up to orange which I felt was a different spirit to the one affecting my K2. Again we heard footsteps outside the door and the door rattled in the frame but when Abbie went to investigate no one was there. Having spent enough time in the room for everyone to start resembling ice blocks, we decided to move back in to the main building and headed for what would probably have been a drawing room originally. It was a very large room with a long rectangular table that was big enough to fit all of us round easily but what everyone headed for as soon as we entered the room were the massive sofas that took up a fair chunk of the room and settled down for a nice relaxing vigil. Maybe a little too relaxing because apart from a few knocks and footsteps outside the door, they seem to love walking around outside the room, we didn’t get a great deal even though we had been told by Andrew that his group had got loads of activity in there, especially on the K2s. This brought us very nicely to break time so we head back to the base room.
Our third and last session of the night took us up to the top of the building in to the attic which Abbie and I were excited about (we love cellars and attics, don’t ask, we just do) and all grouped in the first room to decide what we wanted to do. As time had overtaken us as normal we only had fifty minutes up in the attic. Two guests, Tim and Jayne said they would like to do lone vigils so while I took them off to find a room each, Abbie stayed with the others. Jayne went in to quite a nice cosy looking room for her vigil and Tim went into the darkness (Yes Paul, into not out of) in a room that I can only describe as a sensory deprivation room. Apart from a very small amount of light managing to get in through the window, the room was pitch black with black painted walls and a black, very spongy, carpet. So, having settled our victims, sorry volunteers, into their rooms I headed back to catch up with the others. We put the SB7 on and tried some calling out to see if spirit would talk to us through the radio waves but apart from a few odd noises that could have been words nothing of note really came through. Having left the others in their rooms for ten minutes and with time marching on we all headed further in to the attic and regrouped in the dark room with Tim while Jayne opted to stay in her cosy room. Even before we got settled in the room, Kelly and Ashleigh said they were not happy in the room and felt they should leave while Abbie said she was getting another heavy headache. A white mist appeared above Pam who was sat in one corner and a face started to emerge from it. The figure was male but the features weren’t clear enough to identify. Kelly continued to feel unsettled and decided she would prefer to leave so I took her and Gareth along to another of the rooms where they stayed doing a vigil on their own. I headed back to the dark room where the figure was still lurking and we wondered if this might be Mr Fox. We kept hearing bangs on the wall furthest from the door and lights were seen flashing around the room, which tied in with what other groups had got, including a green light emanating from a certain part of Lynda’s anatomy that we won’t go in to here. I left them to it with ten minutes left of the evening and went to join Kelly and Gareth where Jayne had joined them as well. They had got a few knocks and bangs but nothing major of note. We sat chatting about the night for a few minutes before heading back to gather the others to head downstairs. As they left Pam told Jenna her shoelaces were undone which shook her a little because while they were sitting in the dark she had said that she felt someone playing with her feet. Also after I had left, Abbie told me that the knocks on the wall had continued and got louder with one directly behind Dale who skittered across the room to get away from it.
Downstairs in the base room Andrew thanked everyone for a fabulous night and before we let the guests escape in to the night he asked them to congregate on the stairs for the group photo. This done, everyone headed off leaving the team to tidy up, pack our kit, say our goodbyes and head off for home. As Jacqueline had been unable to stay for the entire evening, we gave Lynda a lift back to Nottingham. After dropping her off we headed back to our house and went down past City Hospital where we saw not one, but two foxes crossing the road in front of us, not together though, they were about a hundred yards apart. Mr and Mrs fox maybe, estranged but together. Some things just make you go “Hmm”.



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