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Belgrave Hall


26th January – Belgrave Hall, Leicester, Leicestershire
The Dark Soul Events team were excited to be visiting this venue because we’d had such a great month of events, we all felt that this one, at one time dubbed The Most Haunted House in Britain, was going to be the pinnacle of the first five events of 2019. How did it go, read on and see for yourself.
Andrew Dark-Se told us to be there for around twenty past eight, the event started at nine. Abbie Kelley and I had set off early in order to get something to eat when we were near the venue and as it was only seven forty five when we got to the venue, we thought we would sneak over to The Talbot Inn, a previous venue for us, for a quick, non-alcoholic drink. Nope, that wasn’t to be, as we pulled up to Belgrave we saw Andrew unloading his car and heading into the grounds. As we parked up, Paul Jones and Ghost Ma Jones (Helen Jones) arrived as well so we joined Andrew in the base room along with other guests. Our hosts for the night, Nathan and Maya, came over and explained what areas we were going to be able to use for the night before leading Andrew, Abbie and me off for a look round. As we walked in to the entrance hall, I saw a shadow figure dart up the stairs and round the corner while we were walking to the first room which was the ceremony room, set out for weddings etc. As we came out of the room to go across the hall to the next room, I heard a loud bang from the far corner of the room which later on in the night turned out to be a source of activity. We completed our walk round of the three main floors and the cellar, “mind the newts” Nathan said as he led us down there, “because they are often moving around on the floor”. Luckily, no newts where evident, so that was something we didn’t need to worry about, phew. We headed back to the base room and while we waited for our guests to arrive, took the time to place recorders etc round the building to see if we could capture anything either on audio or cam.
Our guests arrived and with the exception of one or two, we had seen them all before on events so it was lovely to catch up and see what people had been up to. With everyone gathered, Andrew did the welcome and laid out the plans for the night, which would start off with a meditation session in the ceremony room which would include grounding and protection for the night. So, with everyone ready and eager I led them off to the main building with the rest of the team, Dave Havok Trenholm and Ann Marie Pooleman, making sure we didn’t lose anyone on the way. With everyone seated in the room, I took my place at the front and led everyone in a meditation session. This week I had decided to try something a little different and asked everyone to surround themselves with an energy ball of light that filled the room then I asked them to project that energy to anyone they knew who need some healing or peace of mind, reminding them to include themselves to provide the protection for the night. After the meditation Andrew asked what people had picked up and quite a few people had felt and heard things. I told the group that on the drive down, Abbie had kept on getting the name Tommy come through to her but she had said it was always three times as in, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. When she had told me this, I heard it as the three times but with each one being stretched out as if someone were using it as an admonishment almost as though someone was totally exasperated with him in as much saying, what have you done. During the meditation I said his name in my head as I had felt it would have been said and heard a very large thump on the floor right in front of me although no one else in the room heard it.
We headed back to the base room to gather kit and split into teams, we had a party of four that had come together including Ellis Bainbridge (Hold on, that was the family name of one of the original owners of the building, this might be interesting) who had joined us at the Y Theatre and another two guests, mother and daughter, also from one of our previous events. With one of the four being a paranormal investigation virgin we made sure we explained everything as we went and after letting the other team head off up to the top two floors, Abbie and I led our group to the ground floor and cellar area. We decided to start our vigils in the room to the right of the entrance where a table had been set up in the middle of the room, and having all collected a chair, we took a seat round it for an old fashioned séance. As we started calling out, with bellies rumbling and gurgling, several of us heard creaking coming from the back corner of the room. After this had happened a couple of times, one of the guests said it was her chair and proved it by moving backwards and forwards producing the same creaking sound. However, as we listened to her chair, we noted that the sound we had all heard was coming from a different part of the room, where three empty chairs were placed so we felt that maybe a spirit had taken a seat in a different squeaky chair. So buoyed by the activity we had got on the walk round and the creaky chair, we called out in earnest for spirits to come forward and communicate with us. Within a few minutes one thing became aware to me and I commented on it. This room was one of the quietest I had ever known on a ghost hunt. There were no knocks, taps, bangs etc it was like we were in a vacuum, apart from the fact we could hear noises from outside and the group upstairs. We continued to call out but apart from a couple of shadows and feelings of chills and breezes there wasn’t a great deal of activity. We decided to go to the cellar to see if we could find any newts, oh no, to see if we could communicate down there. As we left the room I asked one of the guests if she had picked anything up and she said that there was a little girl moving around in the room, which is interesting because until writing this report I had forgotten about her but as you will see at the end, I think we talked to her later on. In the cellar we let the guests have a good look round, looking in all the nooks and crannies, including pulling a hatch open to find stairs leading up to the ground floor. Abbie also noticed a hole in the wall and saw that it led up to street level where she could see a grate to the outside. We stood around the cellar, with one guest standing in a side room, and started calling out. Throughout the vigil a head kept popping out of the side room to give us updates on what she was hearing in there including bubble wrap that was moving and crackling on its own, even though there were no noticeable draughts etc down there. We got a few K2 flashes and the temperature on my EMF meter took a long time to settle down to a constant and then we heard noises and got excited only to realise it was Andrew coming down to see how things were going. After he left us a little later on we continued to call out and got a little annoyed about someone walking round upstairs on the floorboards because everyone was meant to be upstairs on the first or second floor, not coming down to interfere with our investigation. Having spent enough time in the cellar we decided to go up and try our luck on the spirit board in the main entrance hall but as we got to the first floor we became very confused and the further we walked the more confused we became because the entire floor was concrete or tiling etc, not a floorboard to be seen, or heard. So what did we hear downstairs in the cellar, it was very baffling! Particularly so when we realised that the first time we had heard Andrew when he came to see us was when he opened the door to the cellar, we hadn’t heard him walk across the floor above us although he would have had to in order to get from the first floor to the cellar. Also, as Abbie led the group back up from the cellar, her and Lisa Bainbridge heard someone running through the entrance hall and a door banging but when they opened the door to the entrance hall, their was no one around and no one on the stairs either. So with a few of us around the board, mother, daughter and Abbie decided they were going in to the ceremony room as Abbie had seen someone sitting on one of the chairs.

I led the rest on a spirit board session calling out for spirit to talk to us. With nothing really happening I asked them to move the glass themselves and as it started dragging round the board I placed my finger on the glass and felt a lot of resistance. I asked them all to not push down on the glass and they all informed me that they were hardly touching it but still the glass was really difficult to move with it “catching” on something on the board but we checked and there was nothing on there for the glass to catch on and it tried tipping over several times. After about ten minutes of trying to coax spirit forward with no success, we decided to join the ladies in the ceremony room. They were getting a lot of activity with a man being seen sitting in one chair and a lady sitting in the far corner, where I had heard the bang on our walk round. Everyone in the room took turns to go and sit either next to the corner chair or on it with one guest telling us what reaction she was seeing from the lady. She didn’t mind the ladies in the group sitting next to her although she liked some more than others and when Ellis sat there she was ok with that but when I sat next to her she shied away leaning toward the wall and I was told that the spirit didn’t like me. I wasn’t upset I’ve been told by more than spirit that I am scary. Abbie heard someone moving around in the hall way so went to have a look and it was Dave checking what time break was, when she came back in she told us that the REMPOD was going off in the hall on its own. When I returned to my original chair another lady in the room said she could see a man standing down by the table end, past the door, and as I looked I saw a small child, a girl, keep darting out from behind the dark figure and then back again as if she were hiding behind mum. We also noticed that where the daughter was sitting, my seat for the meditation, the area was getting darker with just her outline visible but no features. When she got up and moved to the back to sit next to the lady, the area she had been sitting in lightened straight away and people noticed that the corner with the lady sitting down had gone markedly darker. At this point Andrew popped his head round the door and told us it was break time so we headed off to the base room.
After getting refreshments and swapping stories of how things were going so far, our group headed off upstairs, leaving the others to the bottom part of the building. We let the guests have a roam round, looking into all the rooms we could use before setting our sights on the main room of the first floor. Abbie and a couple of guests kept getting the image of a woman running in to the room and not stopping but running out on to the balcony and carrying on. We moved the REMPOD in to the path they were getting but it didn’t react. Again we got a couple of K2 hits in the room but nothing more of note apart from that lack of noise we kept on getting. No bumps, knocks or taps, which for any ghost hunter is a weird experience in its own right. Leaving Abbie and the two ladies in the room to see if they could pick anything else up, I took the rest through to the next room which Abbie and I had agreed on our walk round would be good for a pendulum. While we waited for the other three to join us, we did some calling out to see if we could get any sound activity in that room but again nothing. With the others in the room we all formed a circle and asked spirit to pick someone they wanted to use to communicate with us through. I must admit at this point in the night I was starting to wonder if we would get any real communication going. But as we started calling out Ellis tipped forward, so just to confirm that spirit had picked him, I asked for them to push him again and as he moved, two of the ladies did as well. So, having chosen Ellis he agreed to move to the middle and we started calling out getting a yes and no movement from spirit. We were talking to a thirteen year old boy from before the time of the manor house, his family used to farm the land and he was one of nine children. He told us that he had been drowned by a casual hand on the farm and when we asked if he was the only one drowned he indicated that all of the children had been but we weren’t sure about this answer as Ellis was wavering a lot before giving his answer. However, just before Abbie and the ladies had joined us in the room, the Alice Box had said, “He Holds Me Down” and as usual Alice had come out with quite a few pertinent words all night and continued to do so. With us getting as far as we wanted to go with this spirit, we thanked him for coming through and asked him to move away to let another spirit come forward. With the daughter of the mother and daughter pair taking up position in the middle, we started asking questions. This time we had a forty six year old man (I knew it was a man from the first push, it was very forceful) who was from the time of the manor and he wasn’t a nice man at all. Along with two others who “worked” in the same area, he used to stop female travellers, torture and rape them and kill them as he got to the height of his pleasure. He admitted to killing more than fifteen women and he would butcher them and hang parts of them up as trophies. He showed no remorse for his actions and was very happy about his lifestyle. He was married but his wife didn’t know what he did and he particularly liked to pick on the travelling community because the women weren’t so easy to trace. During this pendulum session our EMF meter flashed red several times showing that there was energy around it and it often reacted when the spirit was telling us about his gruesome activities as though he was showing us how proud he was of doing what he did. This brought us to break time again so we headed off downstairs. During the break the lady who had been the pendulum drew a picture of the person she had seen and that will be included at the end of this report.
Back in the base room we found out that the other group had not got a great deal of activity and so Andrew and I agreed that for the final vigil of the night we would try a full group pendulum in the main entrance hall as the pendulum had seemed to work for us. So with just over an hour of the night left we headed back to the main hall and formed a circle asking for spirit to pick someone. Oh boy did they pick someone, our paranormal virgin! Happily agreeing to be the pendulum we started calling out again and immediately got a strong male energy come through, I asked if we had already communicated with him tonight and he confirmed we had. I believed it was the same person as before but as the other team had picked up on a couple of names in their vigils they asked if it was either of those and got “no” answers to both, then Dave asked, “Is it Tommy?” The EMF meter reacted by flashing red and we got the very positive answer “Yes”. As if to back up his identity, on many occasions as we asked questions the EMF flashed red in time with the answer in the pendulum. It was the same spirit from upstairs and it was the name Abbie had been getting so we asked more questions and found out he had died by accident while trying to hang one of his “trophies” and when he told us this I got the impression of someone standing over his body saying, “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, what have you done?” He told us that he believed that if he hadn’t died he would never have got caught and again he didn’t mind when Paul called him a murdering b, actually saying yes to the statement. This brought us to just gone one thirty and Andrew announced that the guests had about half hour free time to wander round and do their own investigations. Dave and I went into the room to the right of the entrance with Debbie Quince and Dawn Quince for a small vigil, the four of us held hands and called spirit forward, Dave rocked forwards very noticeably so we tried a pendulum in there with the four of us. We quickly found we had a twelve year old girl who was the daughter of one of the owners of the house. Was this the same girl who was seen in this room at the start of the night? She wasn’t aware that she had passed and continued to play in the house with her siblings. Dave felt that his legs weren’t feeling right and we asked the girl if she had trouble with her legs and she told us she had. She was born with a problem with her lower body and spent a lot of her time in a chair with her elder sister being her “nurse” and resenting her because of that task. She told us that she was happy in the house but her mum and dad weren’t in the room with her while we chatted. This brought us to the end of the night’s event so we thanked the spirits for coming to talk to us and gathered up our kit and headed back to base. Andrew thanked the guests for the night and closed the evening down with a final protection for our journeys home.
On the surface, Belgrave is an amazing building with lots to offer, its history and that of The Talbot across the road, would make it easy to imagine that it is one of the most haunted houses in England. Unfortunately, for whatever reason the hype didn’t surface for us on the night but as you can see from my report, there was a lot of activity going on just nothing to really “wow” us although the footsteps on the floorboards is still baffling me. We are returning to Belgrave later in the year, if you would like to join us to see if we can get those renowned spirits to manifest themselves for us, head over to the DSE website and secure your place. As I sit here reading this back I feel like I have missed something important out, but can’t recall at the moment what it was. If and when I remember I will add it as a footnote.



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