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Ashbourne Town Hall


 17th November 2018 – Town Hall, Ashbourne..

Having had four very successful events with Dark Soul Events, our fifth foray took us out to the Derbyshire town of Ashbourne to investigate the Town Hall there. Built on the site of an old pub, The Talbot Inn (Hmm, that rings a bell), talking of bells, one fell off the Town Hall building and killed a fireman, the bell is still kept in the Council Chamber, this site has a stack of history. The guests started to arrive from six pm and were allowed to have a look round the venue and spend some time in the different rooms and areas we were using for the vigils. As we put various pieces of kit out and walked round the building, footsteps were heard in the Ballroom, a loud bang came from the Bar, several people felt there was someone on the main staircase and people felt affected in different ways while walking round. An interesting start to the evening, before we’d even started properly. So out of our fifteen guests for the night we had been on events with nine of them previously and the other six were made up of our daughter, Jenna Martene and some of Abbie Kelley’s friends, Bailey Lucky Sam, Michelle Ashmore, Kady Nadine Elliott, Ashleigh Hall with Tim making the six.

After Andrew Dark-Se had welcomed everyone and given them a brief plan of the evening we all headed upstairs to the Ballroom and wow, what an amazing room it is, it even has a small balcony above the main doors. With various pieces of kit around the room set out, Andrew and I explained what they pieces did and how they worked, as Andrew was talking Paul Jonesand Helen Jones’, who was joined by their daughter Katie, Rem Pod, that was at the far end of the room, heat sensor started to flash and emit a noise showing a marked increase in temperature. This was reasonable as eighteen people had recently entered the room, but why wasn’t Andrew’s Rem Pod heat sensor going off, as that was in the centre of the room surrounded by everyone. Helen reset the sensor to the current room temperature and Andrew continued to explain the kit. When he had finished going through the kit we all joined hands in a circle for grounding and shielding and as we did the Rem Pod started showing yet another significant rise in temperature but still nothing from the one in the middle of the room. Even though the temperature in the building kept going warmer and cooler, throughout the night their Rem Pod, continued to be affected in this way although Andrew’s didn’t react at all. So having made sure we were all safe and happy to continue, we rejoined hands and started calling out. Bangs, knocks, shadows, lights, people being pushed etc were all experienced and I personally felt quite uneasy where I was with me feeling like I was constantly being pushed from behind. We broke the circle to try and find out where the noises were coming from and when we reformed I moved to the opposite of the circle and felt much more at ease. As the bangs continued Abbie and Paul left the group and sat at the entrance end to try and debunk them, very quickly Abbie found that some of the noises were coming from one of the pipes at that end of the room but it didn’t explain the others that had been heard from other parts of the room. At this point Andrew suggested we got more comfortable and everyone got chairs and sat in a circle with Ashleigh and Tim opting to stay standing. There we a few Alice Boxes around the room and they were in fine voice coming out with lots of words, some relevant, some not but though out the night the name Timothy came through a few times and we found out that not only did we have a Timothy with us, the caretakers name was Timothy and from what we were told, the dead fireman was also Timothy. We continued to call out taking it on turns going round the group and the K2 in the middle of the group reacted to a few people with it taking a particular liking to Amy Ackland, who was there with mum, Sharon Ackland. Andrew asked Amy to keep calling out and the K2 did seem to like her as it responded frequently to the questions she asked. The word “Levitate” came up on one of the Alice Boxes so Andrew suggested that I try to get spirits to lift some arms. We all stood and as I called spirit to affect people, my hand and that of the person to my left lifted up with speed and purpose and I thought, “Oh great, they are all going to think I did that myself”, but I didn’t have to worry too long as other hands around the room started lifting with some of us, including me, with both arms raised to about chest height. Some arms didn’t move and one or two people in the group had neither are lifted. As the arms of Dave and our team member Ann were being raised to a height that was uncomfortable, I asked spirits to lower all the arms back to normal. As we’d had a long session in the Ballroom, we all headed back downstairs for some much needed refreshment.

We then split in to two groups with Dave Havok Trenholm, Paul, Helen, Katie and three ladies who had been at The Talbot Inn, Leicester (Ah, there’s that bell ringing again) joining Ann and Andrew, and the others joining Abbie and me. We headed off first and took our group of eight off to the Council Chamber on the ground floor where we gathered around the oval table for an old fashioned séance. As we started calling out, Sharon who was in the far left corner of the room said, the new table isn’t as good as the old one was. OK so spirits were with us and giving messages already. We called out and very soon started getting activity around the room with one end going really dark to the point where Sharon and Tim, sitting opposite her, were not visible to most of the others. Then the other end also went dark with Abbie and Amy disappearing into the gloom. As the room lightened again, shadow figures were spotted in various location but the main one to note was standing right behind Tim. We continued to call out and ask people to affect us, people felt aches and pains briefly, hair was tugged, Amy felt someone at her left leg as though they were knelt on the floor with their head resting on her knee and it continued. Andrew joined us briefly telling us a bit more of the history of the building and calling spirits forward from the time when this was The Talbot Inn and again the room went dark at the far end. As Andrew left us, it felt like all the spirits had left with him as nothing really happened for a while, Andrew had asked us to turn all the tech off so the room would go totally black, so Sharon suggested turning the K2 back on so we could try and get some communication going. As she asked spirit to wave their hand over the device, it lit up all the way to orange. While the others were calling out and getting no reaction I felt a spirit with me shaking his head and saying, “You bloody fools, you can’t talk to dead people”. So I told the group this and when we asked if there was someone with me telling us we couldn’t talk to dead people, the K2 flashed to orange. Abbie said she felt like she needed to stand up so we all joined her and continued to call out. As we went round the table asking questions the K2 responded to some and not to others. Abbie asked if she should sit back down and got a K2 hit, so she sat. We went round the room with all of us asking and by the time we’d gone right round, about half the group were seated again at the invitation of the spirit affecting the K2. The rest of us asked a second time with no one else being allowed to sit so Jenna asked if she should change seats, “Yes”, so she stood behind each empty chair and ended up sat opposite her starting point, Tim the asked the same and was told yes so he moved to the chair Andrew had used. We carried on calling out and got some K2 activity before deciding it was time for another break and headed back to Base Room. The others joined us soon after and we started trading stories while drinking and eating.


 The other group, who had been in the attic and Bar, headed down to the Council Chamber, leaving us the rooms they had been in. We headed straight to the Bar, that sounds so bad, where there was an array of three mirrors spanning the width of the bar itself. As the other group had seen movement across the far end of the room in the mirror as they were on the spirit board (Spirits in a bar, now that’s unusual) I asked all of our guests to line up in front of the bar and stare straight forward for a few minutes to see if we could get a sign of any movement as well. No one saw anything moving but they did notice that one persons face was changing appearance so I felt this might be a good time to try come scrying. Sam took the red torch and stood in front of one mirror while the other guests had the blue torch one at a time and we asked spirits to show us how they looked, Sam’s face changed straight away and it looked like she was wearing a strange mask. While she continued to stand there the faces of those using the blue torch also changed and then another person took a turn, while Sam was still happy to use the red torch and have spirit try to show more of themselves. After all who wanted to had tried it out, we left the bar and moved into the room to use the spirit board. With a number of people around the table, we started calling out and almost immediately Amy felt her hip being tugged and said she had to leave the table. A couple of others decided they wanted to leave so five of us remained and called spirit to move the glass. It moved very grudgingly in a very lazy half circle before stopping, and then moved back to the centre when asked to. That was it, spirit didn’t want to talk to us on the board so I asked if they would prefer to have the glass used on one of the bar tables and the glass very slowly crept to yes. We said thank you, took the glass and moved to one of the bar tables. As we started to call out, Abbie heard noises coming from the Ballroom and went to investigate what it was with a couple of the others going as well. She felt that there was a lot more activity out there so we moved the spirit board out into the middle of the room, put a K2 on it and then Alice said levitation again. Really, the same word, in the same place as last time but with less people and stood round the spirit board. Then as we asked if they wanted us to do the arm lifting again, the K2 reacted. So we did as we’d been asked and joined hands looking for spirits to lift some arms, but they had other ideas and started pushing people instead. When it was obvious the hands weren’t going up, we decided to use the pushing motions in a pendulum. So we moved away from the board, joined hands and called spirit to select someone by pushing them. No one moved, hmm. We called out again, nothing. Undeterred I asked for a volunteer and Jenna said she would do and asked what she had to do, when I said absolutely nothing, just stand there, she was even more enthusiastic to do it. So with me in front, Sharon behind we called spirit to give us their yes and Jenna swayed backwards, show us your no, and Jenna swayed backwards. Hmm, someone’s having a laugh and then Abbie said, Ashleigh is being pushed as well as Jenna so Jenna moved to the side and Ashleigh came into the centre. OK, show us your yes please and back she went, thank you now your no, and back she went. Oh bugger. So having explained to spirit that if they wanted to talk to us they need to cooperate, we tried again and got yes no movement in opposite directions, phew. After a lot of silly answers, spirit finally came though telling us she was a thirteen year old from the time of The Inn and her mum worked there as a prostitute and that she was being “groomed” to join the family business. At this point Ashleigh got very upset and wanted to cry, was spirit imprinting their emotions on her. We thanked spirit for coming forward but several of us were sceptical as to who had come through, Ashleigh noted that with some questions it felt like the person was unsure how to answer and Sharon still felt that it was a male energy who had come through, whoever it was, they had definitely affected Ashleigh. At this point Andrew joined us and said that as it was midnight, the guests were free to do what they wanted. Amy and Sharon headed off leaving the others with us and they said they wanted to go to the attic as we hadn’t been up there yet, but as we headed that way we were told others were already up there. We stayed in the Bar and tried some table tipping with no real success and as we moved away from the table the people from the attic came down so we headed that way. Abbie had gone off with another group the Council Chamber leaving half a dozen or so of us upstairs. Within a couple of minutes of being in there two of the group felt uncomfortable and headed back downstairs and a few minutes later others followed leaving three of us up there. As Sam had been affected by being moved as we were calling out, we tried an experiment to see if spirit would use her as a pendulum with so few of us there. We got definite yes and no answers with her being pushed sideways rather than backward and forward. We found out the it was a male and that he had lived in the room, Sam said she felt he was angry and I felt him channel through me basically telling us that he didn’t like people in the room and wanted us to leave. I said we would if I could ask two more questions which he agreed to and having answered them for us, we thanked him and left.

Tim headed down to the chambers while Sam and I headed up on to the balcony. We joined others up there and sat quietly to see what happened. Paul was laying on the stage at the far end of the room and Sharon was sitting under the balcony. As we watched, Sam told me she could see people moving around by the far door and sure enough I spotted it too. It looked like someone was hiding and kept popping their head out to see if anyone was there. We heard knocks and bangs again from around the room and I saw a white light lift up from Paul and head up to the roof.

When I went down to the chambers to get the voice recorder I’d left in there, Abbie and some guests were just finishing off their session in the room and as they came out she said they’d got loads of activity with people picking up emotions and Jenna getting really angry again as she had previously in there. The most impressive thing they had happen was they had started calling spirit to repeat the knocking and they did with identical numbers and patterns of knocking coming through. Also just as they were about to leave the shadow was seen standing behind Tim again and Alice’s parting word was …… Tim.

Wow, what a night, once again, it isn’t until I write this that I realise how much actually happened on the night. So after heading back to Base Room, having a group photo taken, we thanked the guests and they headed off into the night. Ashbourne Town Hall is certainly active, nothing there felt particularly unpleasant although I think there is at least one joker in that pack. Yes, it was yet another really good night for Dark Soul Events, and on to the next one, next weekend at The 1871 School House.


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