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The 1871 School House


 24th November 2018 – 1871 School House, Leicestershire.

How the hell do I start to write a report on this event? Hell, well yes we could start there because that’s what it felt like at times. But no, I shall endeavour to do what I usually do and that is start at the beginning and see where we go.

OK so here goes, after doing something I have never done before, listen to my audio recordings before doing the write up. I have managed to gather all of the activities, events and dramas of the night and put them into a timeline so you can see what happened as the night unfolded. Bear in mind, if you will, the fact that we were only in the building for five hours and twenty minutes. By the time you have finished reading you will believe we were in there for a lot longer. I was going to apologise in advance for the longest write up I have ever done but thinking about it, I won’t, I will simply say please read to the end, this place was awesome. Dark Soul Events took us to a very out of the way hamlet/village in Leicestershire for this event at the un-investigated 1871 School House.

And so it begins, Abbie Kelley and I arrived at about 1850 and joined others milling around, mainly in kitchen area. By ten past seven the six guests and five team members had arrived and we all congregated in the hall for the welcome from Andrew Dark-Se. For information, the venue consisted of the main hall and off to the side the kitchen and toilet block. Whilst Andrew was doing the welcome and introductions I saw a large dark shape fly past the window and said that there was someone in the entrance hall who wasn’t very happy.

By the time the welcome was over, everyone in the group was giggling like kids and we felt that the children in the room were affecting us. With that in mind Andrew went round the group asking what people had picked up so far. Lynda Brookes said she had picked up on several local people and was very descriptive and gave a lot of detail saying that she got all this at home before leaving for the event. Jacqueline Dixon said she was picking up on the colour blue and saw a blue uniform. Paul Jones felt like we were being watched, like they were unsure why we were there. I said we were being watched by the angry man in the entrance and that I’d seen someone standing behind Ann Marie Pooleman (Abbie also saw this). Helen Jones said that she was feeling quite emotional. Jayne Louise had picked up on a male, a lady and children laughing. Dave Havok Trenholm had got gasmask, laughter and playground and already said he’d been getting cellar all week and mentioned a fireplace. At this point, Paul saw someone he described as a cook standing at the window in the kitchen doorway. Ann had picked up a young girl from 1846 asking for help (Paul’s K2 flashed and clicked at this point). Abbie had got a little smiling girl who was making her grin, she got the name Emma who was 9. She also said that when she first walked in she saw a church, she turned to tell Andrew and when she turned back it was the hall. Phil Andrew Newton picked up on a gentleman and said he was being pushed and touch by a child and was feeling anxious (Paul sensed there was a caretaker around). After this Ann led the group in a grounding and shielding session during which time she had her hair pulled, footsteps were heard in the hall, flashing lights were seen and some of the group saw someone standing behind Dave.

As we were in a new building that had never been investigated we felt it was reasonable to introduce ourselves and took turns calling out and saying hello. During this session I saw a child with her hand up behind Lynda, Paul and Helen’s Rempod started to go off as Helen started talking I also saw someone standing with Jayne holding there arm out towards Helen as if wanting to put their arm round her shoulder. Paul mentioned he could smell something and I said beeswax (as I could smell that) and he said yes that is it, was this the caretaker coming through?

We then had the choice of splitting into two groups to carry out spirit board vigils with a board in the hall and another in the kitchen. Before anyone chose, one of the ladies started singing “He’s got the whole world in his hands” and then everyone joined in. Abbie, Paul, Helen and I went to the kitchen and the others stayed in the hall. I was going to go on the Hall table but as soon as I approached it I was forcibly pulled away from it to the point that I stumbled and stopped myself falling by putting my hand against the wall. Soon after we started on the board our Rempod bear, “Remmie” started beeping and didn’t stop for a full minute. Once we started getting activity on the board I asked spirit to make a circle but the glass spelled Square and when prompted the glass moved in a square, in the other room at the same time a guest tried to draw a circle in the air with her fingers but it came out as a square. While we were on the board the other room had decided to start singing again and they also had K2 activity. Towards the end of the session Helen knocked 3 times and the glass wobbled 3 times. Finally as we were finishing we heard whistling coming from the hall which I said was their glass on the table. Paul went in to ask them about it and they hadn’t used the glass for a good five minutes.

While the others stayed in the hall with Andrew holding objects and asking spirits to affect people to either change their appearance to look like the item or let them know what he was holding, the four of us took a table into the corridor in the toilet block. Before we put our hands on the table we all felt like we were moving and had to support ourselves by putting a hand on the wall, then as we placed a hand on the table, we all saw the table moving even though we could feel it wasn’t. As the session drew to an end we saw a green light under the gents door like someone was in there with a torch swinging it from side to side, Paul pushed the door open while the light was visible but when the door opened the light vanished.

This brought us to break time with people milling around in and out of kitchen, Remmie started going off on and off all through the break often when there was no one anywhere near him.

We then all went back into the hall for the next session and Andrew had dowsed the candles and the hall was much darker. We noticed that Lynda’s Mel meter temperature display had risen, which was strange as the heating was off in the building and it was getting much colder outside, I used my digital thermometer and sure enough it showed the temperature had raised by 1 degree since we’d started the first circle. We started a circle to call out again and Ann became overwhelmed by the angry spirit I had spoken about and said she was having difficulty breathing. While we were trying to bring her back to us, she dropped to floor saying she felt that he wanted her down there. Andrew, Helen, Dave and I took her outside and spent time bringing her back to her normal state and while the rest of us stayed with her, Andrew returned to the hall and was pacing around and appeared very angry. Paul noted that for once the temperature light on his Rempod was flashing blue indicating the temperature was cooling with the door being opened, debunking the thought that it was faulty as it had always flashed red indicating rising temperatures up until then. While we were trying to get Ann back and Andrew calm, one of the Alice Boxes said “Hell”. Ann returned about ten minutes later and Andrew, who was now calm again led us in another protection circle. While he was doing this, Dave started to look like he was being affected so I went up to him and hugged him until he was back with us. Both Andrew and I saw a large black shape fly past window again and when we all separated from the circle I was “Pumped” and told everyone I was being giving the message, “I’m ready for a fight”.


We had another break at this point for people to gather themselves and get back into the right mind set before we headed back to the hall and formed a circle again. As we started calling out, Paul breathed loudly “again” (It’s a habit he has) and everyone fell about laughing with Paul asking “What?” So with the energy levels high we asked spirit to affect us in some way and soon people started swaying so Andrew suggested I lead the group in a human pendulum session. Paul was selected by spirits to be the vessel in the middle and as we formed a circle round him Andrew said that he was sensing that peoples backs were being affected and several of the group said they’d had backaches on and off through the night. As I called spirit to give us their answers, Ann started getting overwhelmed again and Abbie took her outside again and as they left footsteps were heard again in the hall. Paul responded to spirit and we quickly found we had a male spirit talking to us but it wasn’t the angry man. The words, “Push, Catch and Slam” appeared on Alice. We found out that we had the original caretaker of the building from the 1800s with us but it wasn’t Ken, who Dave had picked up on earlier. Alice said, “Terry” and the spirit confirmed this was his name by pushing Paul. He was married with three children who had all attended the school. He also confirmed Lynda’s question that he had an injury or infirmity in his left leg. Terry told us that the angry man was a priest from the original church (which, Andrew had told us, had been dismantled brick by brick and shipped off to America). This was the person name Kenneth that Dave picked up on but we got slightly confused about if he was a priest or someone charged with caring for the church. Lynda was now being pushed while in the circle and was invited to join Paul and we started asking both of them questions. The spirit affecting Lynda said it was a child but was far too strong and after more questioning said it was a soldier who was related to the caretaker Paul was channelling. Lights were seen flashing in the far corner of the hall and Andrew saw a big black shadow fly past the window again. At this point Paul left the circle and the soldier told us he had lived locally fought in France and died there. Noises were heard around the room at this point. We then asked if his name was Abraham, a name given to one of the group and he said yes and was a relative of someone in the room, it became obvious we had another spirit with us and it appeared to be one of Jacqueline’s relatives. At this point a number of people in the room saw a large dark shadow figure.

We felt this was a good time to take a break with everyone using the time to regenerate their energy levels. While the others took a break, Dave, Phil and I, after discussing that when we looked at the door in the toilet blocked, it appeared to not be a door but a long tunnel, formed a triangle in the hall so we could see the door/tunnel.


Phil became entranced and he said sick three times then looked like he was going to vomit, we called him back to us and he told us he’d seen a pentogram on the cavern floor and got the word rituals, I said that I sensed that there was a 30 to 50 foot long tunnel leading to some sort of circular domed room with chains on the walls and then Dave stepped back as he got blood splatters over his feet. While people were milling about the K2 near the entrance flashed again and there was a lot of laughing and giggling going on. While most of us were in the kitchen, Ann and Jayne started dancing to Vera Lynn music that Andrew was playing in hall and Lynda picked up on Druids in connection with the tunnel. The word ritual came up on Alice and Remmie kept going off sporadically with Dave saying that he felt the kitchen was on the route to the vault entrance, this was confirmed by Paul who was using his dowsing rods. Remmie kept going off as though people were walking past on their way to the entrance.

The next vigil was an experiment that Andrew suggested. He had put his laser grid on so it shone the full length of the hall and he asked each person to stand in the lights to see if spirit could affect them or the lights. While Abbie took her turn, lights were seen flashing in the far corner of the hall. When Helen took her place and we started calling out, Remmie started going off in the empty kitchen. Dave noted at this point that the temperature was still rising even though it was nearly 11pm and the temperature outside was dropping fast. I took my place in the grid and, having pulled my hood up, placed my hands together in the classic praying stance and started reciting the Lord’s Prayer in my head. At this point Remmie went off very clearly with the lights in his hands flashing as well. Abbie asked if I was praying as they couldn’t see me very clearly and as I said yes, moved my hands to my sides, palms up and started calling The Father, Son and Holy spirit forward and as I did, I felt pure energy start to pulse through my palms and Alice said “Energy”. At this point the others watching said my face had taken on a skeletal appearance. Paul, Ann and Abbie went into the kitchen and started communicating with a spirit through Remmie who responded to their questions. When Lynda took her turn in the lights, her body quickly seemed to deform and twist with someone commenting she looked like Igor from Frankenstein and when everyone looked toward me I was draped in darkness and I knew I had the angry one with me. With everyone having had a turn in the lights, we then moved to the table to try some tipping. We got some activity on the table with it moving a bit but then Andrew started to get entranced and I ended up with my hand on his back trying to channel positive energy into him so he could fight it. I finally took him from the table and managed to bring him back to us and he said he had been shown silver which became a pair of daggers. He then moved behind me and demonstrated how they were to be used by stabbing me in my kidneys and then slicing across my back. As he plunged the knives in, I felt a stabbing sensation in that area of my back. As this happened, Abbie asked her final question to Remmie, how many spirits were in the room, he went off as she counted 4 and then he stopped making any noises for the rest of the night. Within less than a minute the atmosphere in the room had changed with Ann and Abbie becoming very angry and Paul reacting to the anger and becoming cross himself, this continued with the women becoming so angry they wanted to attack Paul (They informed us of this later on). Back in the Hall, Alice said “Chantry” which according to Oxford Dictionaries means - An endowment founded for a priest or priests to celebrate masses for the soul of the founder. Or - A chapel, altar, or other part of a church endowed by a chantry. It’s origin is from Late Middle English: from Old French chanterie, from chanter ‘to sing’. Things seemed to be coming together. We had mentioned Priest Earlier, Abbie saw a church when she first walked in, people kept spontaneously bursting into song and we’d had Phil mention rituals and “Ritual” had appeared on Alice. While we had been hearing from Andrew about the daggers, Dave had entered the kitchen and was trying to help Paul bring Ann back as she had been taken over again. In the end as Ann came back to us, she and Abbie went outside to compose themselves.

After a short break everyone went off in different directions some into the Hall, while Jacqueline, Lynda, Phil, Paul and myself went to The Door and stood as close to it as we could all huddle. We started calling out and very quickly felt uneasy and all commented that it wasn’t a nice place to be standing and felt that the spirit here was nasty and very strong. Phil started using some of the apps he had on his phone to try and get a reaction. We got a number of pertinent words coming through on the various apps he used and then, while the others were playing different chants in the Hall, Phil played a ringing bell on his phone. I thought it would be a good thing to record on my Echo app for future use and as he played it a second time I recorded it. We were all stunned when I replayed it to find what seemed like drum beats at the very end when no drum beats had been on the original. We asked spirit what it’s name was and the device said “Evil”, when we said that isn’t your name, the box said “Outside”.

Just before midnight we all gathered back in the kitchen for a quick chat about the evening before we packed up our kits and headed home. Considering that the School House had never been investigated before, the amount of activity and interaction we had on the night was amazing.

The following snippets are taken from the teams chat the following day as we pieced together the events of the night and discovered more history about the building and the village.

Yeah it was two daggers into the kidneys, I get the feeling it was to allow huge blood loss

It really is like a small chapel on inside he would have used blood for his summoning he was looking for his next sacrifice last night

So maybe the back pain i had wasnt a physical disability like i first thought! Interestingly enough, alice also said 'lash'...

The Viking Cross that’s in the village, The shaft was not reunited with its socket until 1884, the two components being secured with a lead join (the restoration of the Church had been completed the previous year). There is a local tradition, no doubt fanciful, that the socket stone is of extremely ancient age, having originally been connected with pagan rites of animal sacrifice, and that it was christianised by having the cross shaft inserted into it.

Some pissed off pagans angry that their ancient monument has been Christianised

So chanting we heard had to come from that I bet we met one of them last night

The Viking cross has carvings in it, the village being a Viking settlement

The uppermost of the two carvings on the west is difficult to adjudge with certainty, but most previous commentators are of the opinion that it is probably a representation of an eagle. The Vikings practised an especially savage ritual known as the Rite of the ‘Blood Eagle’, in which a defeated enemy’s lungs were torn out and forced apart so as to resemble the wings of an eagle. The ‘Blood Eagle’ was then held aloft and dedicated to Odin, the Ruler of the Norse Gods, as a victory offering. When the Vikings took York in 867 it is believed that the Northumbrian king Ælla was put to death in this gruesome manner by York’s new ruler, Ivarr. If the carving here does indeed represent an eagle, as presumed, there may be another possible parallel here between Christ’s sacrifice, through his Blood upon the Cross, with that of the votive ‘Blood Eagle’.

Wonder if the bad spirit with the knives was actually a Viking settler

That explains the blood splatter i saw when i was with phil and colin

The village name is a composite name formed of Norse and Saxon elements

The Domesday Book of 1086 refers to this place, but the present-day spelling is first recorded as early as 1166

We totally got Nordic violence last night

Well I got 10th century for the vault that was used by the nasty

And Phil got pentagram, we all got shackles, Dave, as he mentioned got blood splatter on his feet, he actually recoiled from it and Phil said sick a few times then looked like he was going to throw up

Thinking Viking gods worship, danish verses etc. Funny I said about maximum blood loss. Knifes in both sides It was a blood eagle Being done

That’s what I mean, they were warriors, and this is a Viking settlement, they named it and erected a monument with a blood eagle representation carved on it before Christians turned it into a cross lol

The total of 38 men with their wives and children amounting to perhaps 150 or more people, suggests that the village was quite well populated at the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066.

Although Domesday makes no mention of a church, there is reference to a priest in the village.

Well it had been going a looong time before 1066. It’s amazing, such a tiny unassuming village

They cut them open from behind and pulled the skin apart like wings, Hence the eagle reference, Then hacked them to death all from behind



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