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The Y Theatre


 12th October 2018 – The Y Theatre, Leicester. So, you might think that having done 39 investigations already since last October 15th, Abbie Kelleyand I might be getting a bit complacent and apathetic, towards events. As we headed into number 40 with Dark Soul Events it was evident that we were neither of those. Having arrived early to get the venue ready for guests along with Andrew Dark-Se and the rest of the team, we headed out to the bar area which was the waiting area for our guests and started to mingle. Meeting and greeting our guests got us energised and pumped ready for the night ahead. Our full guest group of seasoned investigators were lead on a winding route to the base room, deliberately planned to keep them from having a sneak peek at the vigil areas. As the baseroom felt more like a sauna, Andrew’s opening chat was fast paced but succinct and then he led everyone on a tour of the areas we would be using for the night. The Theatre, stage, stalls and balcony, The sports hall, which would have been the air raid shelter and side rooms on the same floor.

The night began with everyone sitting in the stalls area and Mark Hockeyleading us all in a short meditation and protection session to open us up to spirits in a safe and positive way. The group was then split into two team, one team went with myself and Abbie down to the lower floor while Mark and Ann Marie Pooleman stayed in the theatre. Whilst doing the walkround I had my K2 with me and got a couple of solid hits on it, especially in the corridor section downstairs. I led the group into one of the side rooms and as I did my K2 lit up with two greens and an orange on constantly. Paul Jones and Helen Jones had a K2 so they switched theirs on and it also lit up with three solid lights. Initially we debunked this as a large power surge in the area, however as the session progressed the lights went out independently of each other and then one would start being affected then the other with the Rempod piping up for a while as well. In the end we had the two K2s back to back on the table in front of us and they were both being affected by something other than a power source. So, buoyed by the possibility that spirit was around and wanting to communicate, Abbie suggested we sit round the table and have a séance, calling spirit forward to talk with us. We all linked hands and started calling out, as the K2s started reacting, the Alice Box said, “I was murdered” and the K2 activity increased with one guest, Chris having a lot of reaction when he asked questions. As we started asking spirit if they had been murdered here, the word “Afterlife” then appeared. People around the table reported feeling the table vibrating and juddering and, although the room was very warm, that they felt cold air on different parts of them. I played an air raid siren from my phone and running footsteps were heard along with other noises in the room and the table jolted very solidly. I played it a second time and noises were heard again and the table jolted a second time. Alice came out with a lot of pertinent words through out the session but when Ellis asked the spirit to tell us how old they were, there was no obviously reply. Most of us then went next door to the computer room while Abbie, Paul and his son Jason stayed in the main room. We stood in a group, holding hands and called spirit forward. As I could feel so much energy in the room, maybe coming from the computer suite, I called spirit to pick one pair of hands and raise them, very quickly one pair of hands raised to shoulder height and then I asked for others to be raised and much to the amazement of the guests all the hands lifted up to well above waist level. I then asked spirit to show their power by lowering the hands slowly back to the sides and all the hands floated down very serenely. As people were finding it difficult not to rock back and forth, I felt a pendulum may prove worthwhile and spirit quickly chose Chris as their vessel of choice. Having moved into the centre, Chris was affected by spirit quite quickly but kept rocking back and forth and when asked to show us their yes and no movements Chris rocked back to both. I suddenly realised two things, this was the first investigation at The Y so spirits had never been asked to do anything like this and also that their were a number of spirits wanting to come forward. So having asked for one strong spirit to come forward and explaining that we needed different directions from them to be able to communicate, Chris was then moved in two directions for yes and no. We started asking questions and found out that we had a 16 year old boy, who’d lied about his age so he could enlist and had been wounded on the front line and shipped back to Leicester for treatment. I felt I had sensed this spirit before and asked if he had been shot in the stomach, “yes” and had he affected me when we had visited in August, “yes” which confirmed what I had felt then. As the conversation continued it was obvious the soldier was no longer with us and sure enough another spirit came forward. In a very short time several spirits seemed to come and chat as if this was a new toy and they all wanted a turn. As it appeared Chris was being overwhelmed being pushed so much he was almost going round in circles, I asked spirit to back away and took Chris out of the middle. Paul came through and gave us some updates from the other room, they had been getting a lot of K2 activity and Alice was still coming through, and they seemed to have got an answer to Ellis’s question with the number 7 appearing. With Ellis being the youngest in the group and never having been in a pendulum before I asked if he would be ok in the centre. He came into the centre and we started asking spirit to come forward when I got a tap on the shoulder and I heard a voice in my head say, “I’m here, don’t forget about me!” I got the impression of a very dapper gentleman, very proper and haughty so I asked if the spirit stood behind me would class himself as a gentleman and Ellis moved backward, which I took as no so I started asking if he was a bit of a roughen to which Ellis rocked forward which I took as yes, only for the others to say, that I’d got it wrong, back was yes and forward was no. I’d been so distracted by the spirit talking to me I had lost track of what was happening. Paul popped his head round the door to say it was breaktime and we couldn’t believe an hour and a half had passed so quickly. We regrouped in the baseroom where our team recounted everything that had been happening with much gusto and expression and then when we asked what the other team had got, it appeared that although they had got some activity around the theatre they didn’t have anything like what had happened downstairs. So having refreshed and reenergised, our group moved into the stage area with the others heading downstairs. We split up around the area with some up on the balcony, some in the stalls and some on the stage and started calling out. The odd noise, light flash and shadow movement were noted but nothing of real note happened. The first group had got the letter G and number 20 on their Alice Box and as the back row of the balcony was row G I asked various guests throughout the night to sit in the last chair on the row which was G12, Andrew pointed out that after the G20 appeared the word altered appeared making us think the theatre might have been renovated and part of the change might be the loss of G20. With the exception of one guest, everyone who sat in that seat felt affect either feeling unwell, agitated or some other feeling. That was the seat I sat in on our previous visit and reported that I had a pain in my lower chest and felt like I’d been shot. Andrew and I then started playing the air raid siren again and on the balcony we heard noises like people getting up, footsteps in another area and then then door banging as though people were leaving in a hurry. People around the hall reported feeling panicky and that the sound of the siren made them uncomfortable. After people swapping places around the room we then tried a spirit board session on the stage with no real activity and also a table tipping session, again with little activity. We tried some calling etc to try to evoke spirt and although we did get some words coming through on the Alice Boxes we didn’t really get a lot of activity.

 Another break and chance to catch up, with us not getting a great deal in the stage area we were looking forward to hearing the other groups stories. Nope, seems like we’d got all the activity and spirit wasn’t up for playing with them. They did get some things happening, doors opening etc but they didn’t feel that there was much activity down stairs. They did get some activity in the corridor where my K2 had reacted on the walkround but in general they didn’t report anything of note and they certainly weren’t all bubbly and fired up like our group was on the return from downstairs.

While on the break, Andrew had set up his SLS on the stage and the guests all filtered through for the last vigil of the night, a full group session in the stage area. Again guest were asked to move around to the areas they felt drawn to and then we started calling out, asking spirits to come forward. We had reports of footsteps upstairs and that G12 was still affecting people but nothing big was happening. Andrew then produced a gas mask and asked for volunteers to come on to the stage and sit down with the mask on while we played the air raid siren again. A few people tried the mask on and all reported feeling something around them with Ann seeing a figure standing behind the chair on a couple of occasions. Whist on the stage I thought of an experiment I wanted to try and after everyone who wanted to had tried the mask on, I put my investigation in to action. I had members of the group standing in the four corners of the auditorium both upstairs and downstairs so that they were connected vertically and horizontally by invisible lines. Then other members of the group took up places around the room in identical places up and down. Andrew and Dave Havok Trenholm took their places in the centre, Andrew at the front of the balcont and Dave sat directly underneath. My idea was to create an energy grid, linking everyone in the room and trying to get spirit to come through and affect people. I led the calling out, introducing myself and asking for spirits to come forward and affect the people around the room, the introductions and calling out went round downstairs and then up on the balcony. Reports of being on fire, nausea, dizziness, the floor moving under someone started to come through, Mark and myself were stood on opposite sides of the stage and I commented that my head was so hot I could feel sweat, Mark said his head was also burning up where as the two ladies on the balcony, only a few feet in front and about ten feet higher both said they were feeling cold draughts around them. We carried on asking spirit to affect people and more reports of emotions and feelings came forward. Abbie, who was sat in the middle of Row G asked if their were two people standing on the balcony at the front to my right, her left. Andrew also said he had seen two people there from when he sat down but the only living person stood there was a guest, Lorien Jones and although she remained on her own there, both Andrew and Abbie continued seeing two people. Both ladies at the front of the balcony said they felt uneasy up there. I then played the air raid siren again a couple of times with people feeling different things while they were playing and then I played “We’ll meet again” and Andrew started waving his hands and both Mark and myself were reacting to the music. After the song I then played a different air raid siren followed by the all clear siren and afterwards asked spirits to affect the people around the room with the emotions they felt on hearing either sirens.

As time was getting on at this point I thanked everyone for taking part in the experiment and asked guests to rejoin us downstairs where we had two spirit boards set up, one on stage and one at the back of the hall. No one ventured onto the stage and few people gathered round the other board. As some guests got ready to leave for coaches and taxis home, we started a session on the board with the glass finally, reluctantly beginning to move. It was slow going but we did start getting some responses to questions but by this time it was nearly the end of the evening so the guest left the table, leaving Mark, Ann and myself on there. And then the glass started to move for us, typical. We spent a few minutes on the table communicating with spirit but time was against us, so we said thank you and goodbye before packing up our belongings and heading off once more into the night.

It was a strange night of mixed activity, with new experiments and old techniques. Without a doubt there are a lot of spirits in The Y and with the fact they are not used to people coming along to chat with them, we did get a great deal of activity. Will they be more responsive in the future, only time will tell. I have to say a huge thanks to the guests and the rest of the team for their energy and making it a great night but the biggest thanks of the night have to go to Helen, once again for the awesome cupcakes made up with flags and badges on rice paper with the green icing, making a tasty homage to the occasion.



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