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The Great Central Railway


 27th October 2018 – Grand Central Railway, Loughborough. LE11 1RY.

Dark Soul Events Halloween weekend outing took us to the magnificent Grand Central Railway Loughborough. As we arrived we were greeted by billowing stream coming up over the bridge from the steam train downstairs that was just departing for it’s final journey of the night. As the steam rose, the area took on a ghostly, fog filled vista, setting the scene nicely for the ghostly going ons that we were about to encounter. With all the guests gathered and us waiting for the arrival of the last train of the night to chug its way back into the station, Andrew Dark-Se introduced the team, Mark Hockey, Ann Marie Pooleman, Abbie Kelley and myself, Colin to the guests and gave them a few health and safety points as this is a fully working station with water pipes, cables etc trailing around and gaps between the trains and the platform. While the guests kept warm in the baseroom waiting for the last train enthusiasts of the night to set of on their homeward journeys, our hosts for the night, Dave and Matt led the team round the station pointing out the areas we were going to be using for vigils for the night and letting us know some of the more dangerous areas to steer clear of. Needless to say, mention danger to our team and we are straight in there so off we trudged down the narrow walkway that led under the bridge. I should point out that Ann had already picked up on a few things while we walked round, including seeing a little girl outside the station masters office. As we went to the other side of the bridge, I headed down under the bridge again and stopped halfway down exclaiming, “What the hell”. Less than fifteen feet ahead of me was a lady dressed in white just standing looking at the train opposite. Mark joined me and when I turned back she had gone, Dave later confirmed that both a small girl and an older lady were seen under the bridge by a lot of people. So with our walk round complete, we headed back to the base room where Dave gave a brief chat about the station, some of the “people” we might encounter and then led the guests on a tour of the station while the team started putting the various pieces of equipment out that we were going to use throughout the night.

Following a brief meditation and protection session from Mark, the group of fourteen guests were split up and headed off for the first of several vigils of the night. Mark and Ann headed off to the main stairway area, the bridge, porters room and station masters room while Abbie and I stayed at the far end of the platforms using one of the waiting room, the platform itself and the notorious Gent’s toilet for our first session. As it was getting quite chilly on the platform, my digital thermometer read -5.1 degrees at one point as I pointed it into the darkness along the tracks, we headed into the waiting room. The room was just the right size for a dozen or so people and as there was a large square table in the centre I asked the guest to take a seat and we started the evening off with a good old fashioned séance. Very quickly shadows were seen moving round the room with light flashes etc. There were three K2s on the table but spirit didn’t seem interested in them, however the Alice Box was very active, coming through with some very pertinent words and names which Dave and Matt confirmed were names that were linked with the railway and had been picked up in the past by guests. For me, the most impressive words to come out from Alice in this room were Language followed by Ghost Voice. While the guests were still seated round the table I used our spirit box to see if we could get any response vocally and as Dave called “Emily”, a child known to hide under the table, forward, several people heard the word “Emily” come through the speaker. I then carried out a counting session asking spirit to copy if they could and both counting up to ten and then back down the number seven was also heard clearly. As we were running close to the first break of the night, we headed across the platform to the Gent’s where we had a table set up for table tipping. With one guest stood in the doorway of the third cubicle, also known to have a spirit in that often pushes people out and slams the door, several of us circled the table and started encouraging spirits to move it. As we started calling out there was a small amount of activity on the K2 behind us and in front of cubicle three. The table wobbled and vibrated slightly but we got nothing more.

After a refreshment break we swapped ends, leaving Mark and Ann to the Gent’s loo and we headed towards the main stairs. As figures had been seen under the bridge we led the guests, very carefully down the ramp to hold a vigil there. We spent about ten minutes calling out asking spirits to show themselves again without any real success but as we called the young girl forward, the words “hop” and “skip” appeared on Alice, was this the girl telling us that she and her brother were playing down here when they got hit by a train? We headed over to the other platform and into the Porter’s room which was nice and snug and warm. A spirit board had been placed on the table so several of us sat round the board while one guest went up to the balcony above and others stood round to see and hear anything we missed. We called spirit forward and although the other group had reported a lot of activity in this room, spirits didn’t want to come forward. However, again, Alice was very active and by this time Paul Jones and Helen Jones had put theirs on as well with the two devices given out a lot of names and phrases that could be linked to the night. Again the most impressive thing to note was that at one point as we were calling out, the word “Beware” appeared on both Alice Boxes at the same time. 


 What did we need to beware of though? As well as the Alice Boxes being active the K2 on the gas stove and the one on the spirit board started to react with first the board one going off and then the stove one. This happened a few times before Dave, Matt and Andrew joined us with Andrew suggesting that the ladies head off up to the ticket office leaving the guys to the porters. Apart from one of the guest, Dave Havok Trenholm and myself starting to feel really uneasy in the room with Dave having a really bad headache and my anxiety level going through the roof, we didn’t get much more from the room. We decided to head upstairs to the ticket office to see what the ladies were doing and to join them. When we got there, the ladies had moved on so the six of us joined hands and started calling out to get spirit to affect us. Within a few minutes of being up there, Andrew came up to say that we were allowed into one of the carriages on the train so we headed back down and joined others who were already in there. Soon after we settled I noticed someone walking past the gap in the buildings on the other side of the platform and pointed her out with others saying they’d seen her as well. A few minutes later I realise that the person I had seen was wearing a full length brownish coloured coat and having thought about it none of our guests were dressed like that. I asked the others if they had seen the same as me and apart from a slight variation on the coat colour, we had all seen the same “person” walking past but they weren’t a member of our group of guests or team. Full bodied apparition number two for the night for myself and number three for others. Again we got activity on the K2 and the three Alice Boxes in the carriage kept coming out with interesting and pertinent words, often stringing a few together. Matt put his Ovulus on and again pertinent words started coming through, complimenting the ones on Alice. At this point Dave asked if people could hear any banging noises coming from outside. We all could but couldn’t identify them until Andrew boarded the train and said that the other group had got the table tipping in the Gent’s and it was going wild. We were a good fifty feet away but could clearly hear the noise of the table.

Everyone needed some more refreshments so we headed back to the baseroom for a quick drink etc before I led most of our team back up to the ticket office and Abbie took a few off to the waiting room. Up on the top floor we formed a circle and before we really got going a couple of ladies from the other group came and joined us. As we stood in a circle calling out for spirit to affect us, Dave rocked backwards so much he had to take a step back. I decided to see if spirits wanted to do a pendulum so asked them to pick someone to communicate through and Dave was pushed again. We spent a few minutes then talking to the gentleman who had come through, he was a guard, in his forties who had started working on the trains when he was around fourteen years old, he was married but had no children. He told us he didn’t die while on duty and when asked how he died Dave was rocking back and forth as though the spirit didn’t know how to answer. When asked if he knew he was dead he said no and that he was still working on the trains with the station being just as busy as always. When I asked if he knew the year was 2018 Dave lurched backwards with such force I had to step back as he walked into me.

Time as always had caught us up and with the evening drawing to a close we all headed back down to the baseroom where we had a quick round up of the night’s events. One lady from the other group showed us a picture she’d taken of Alice and the words “Love you here” had come through. Without doubt it was an eventful evening with sightings, the table going wild, K2 activity and Alice coming through in spades but for me, personally it was a panic filled, anxious night with me still feeling the effects the next morning as I type this. Do I want to go back to The GCR in Loughborough. Not on your life, I don’t like this emotion it’s left me with. Will I be going back to The GCR Loughborough? Damned right I will. I need to see if this was a one off set of feelings I got or is there someone on the station who really doesn’t like me or want me there. Only one way to find out! Thanks for reading my ramblings, 



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