September 15th

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Beech Drive, Leicester


 I apologise in advance for the length of this report, but wanted to do the night justice........ 15th September 2018 – Beech Drive, Leicester.

This was the inaugural event for Andrew Dark-Se’s newly formed Dark Soul Events with Mark Hockey, Abbie Kelley and myself, Colin Dark-se making up the rest of the team. We also welcomed Lost Ghost Nights medium Ann Marie Pooleman who had agreed to join us for the event. While we were putting kit out in the back bedroom, Abbie heard footsteps coming from above us (In the attic) when she told me, I stood and listened and sure enough, someone was walking round up there. After checking with Gaynor, our hostess for the night that there wasn’t anyone up there, we knew we were in for an interesting night. So, having arrived at 8pm and got everything ready for the night, the team had a walk round the venue to pick up on any activity we could feel. It was evident from the start that spirit was around us as we all felt their presence but as we walked into the centre bedroom, each one of us felt uncomfortable with sensations of dizziness, tight chests and that we couldn’t stand upright without rocking backward and forward.

The guests arrived and were treated to a glass of bubbly (a small one, wouldn’t want the wrong type of spirit to interfere with the night) while the rest gathered. They spent time in the living room, watching the 32” TV that Gaynor has with six night vision cameras set up around the room. As they watched the orbs dancing round the rooms they talked to Gaynor about the house and her experiences therein. Andy opened the evening with a greeting, an explanation of Dark Soul Events ethos towards investigations and a warning that because we were wanting to go in deeper and harder than the “normal” type of investigation, their may be some physical contacts to the team and guests. Having given the guests a few minutes to digest this and have a last drink etc, Mark then started the evening off by leading everyone in a short meditation session while we were sitting in the lounge. He included a protection element within the meditation to make sure that everyone would safe, even though we knew the night could get eventful.

We then split into two groups, Andy and Mark taking seven guests and Abbie and I taking 5 with Ann Marie joining us. Andy stayed downstairs where they had use of the backroom, the kitchen and The Nursery (On asking Gaynor later why it was called the nursery, we had to laugh when she told us it was because she brought the sign at a car boot sale). Our group headed upstairs where we had Gaynor’s bedroom, two other bedrooms and the landing at our disposal. As the team had experienced activity in the centre bedroom we headed into there for our first vigil. The group stood in a loose circle and we started calling out asking the guests to let us know if they felt anything etc. Straight away the ladies got a strong scent of Lavendar although the two men didn’t really pick up on it. A number of us noted that we couldn’t keep still, rocking backwards and forwards as though we were on a ship. With the occasional knock and tap, that was all we got on the first vigil, so after a few minutes we headed into the back bedroom where a spirit board, some trigger objects and a voice recorder were set up. The guests took their places around the board and Ann Marie led the vigil. Activity was slow to start with but very soon we started getting positive movement coming through. When asked if they spirit had come with a guest the answer was “Yes” and then when asked to move to the guest they had come with the glass moved to Jane. Two relatives came forward to show their love and to let her know they were with her and looking out for her. We then called other spirits to come forward and a very strong character came forth saying they were 28 and being controlled by another spirit who then came forward and after some questioning told us his name was George and that he died around 1828. This person ended up staying with us for most of the night revealing more and more of his story as we went. As we were getting strong activity here, we felt it would be a good idea to investigate the other rooms. We went back to the centre room, where Ann Marie felt that she couldn’t stand up so sat on the floor. We stood in a circle, holding hands and started calling out. Again we got the odd noise, some flashes and shadow movement but nothing more than that. So, trying another tack, I called spirit to start affecting people around the room by lifting a pair of hands, within seconds one pair of hands started raising and stayed at just above waist height. Prompted to affect other people, half the hands in the room then rose to the same level. Spirit was then asked to lower the hands back to normal and they slowly sunk back down. Ann had sat down because she felt the weight of the spirit we had spoken to on the board and at this point stood back up. As we felt this might be George, I then challenged him, if he was as strong as we thought he was, to lift every pair of hands up to shoulder height. Slowly a pair of hands started to rise and being called out as too weak to affect everyone, he then made every pair of hands, bar one, rise to about chest level. After standing like this for a few minutes with guests saying they had no control over their hands and acknowledging that something else was affecting them, I asked George to lower the hands slowly. He couldn’t be bothered with that and with total control brought all the hands down within seconds. Our hands didn’t drop like they’d been let go, they were lowered with energy and purpose, this dude is good.

Having got the guests attention and knowledge that something here was happening beyond their control, we moved to Gaynor’s room. I explained that their had been a lot of activity in the room, particularly on the bed, and after the expected sniggers, chuckles and comments I added that a lot of it had been paranormal with the bed being moved, people being dragged off the bed etc. So asking for a “victim” to lay on the bed, two ladies climbed on board and lay down while the rest of us circled the bed holding hands. Straight away a tall shadow figure was seen in the corner of the room up by the headboard and movement was detected in the mirror on the wall beside the bed. We started calling out for spirit to affect the ladies on the bed, to move the bed etc with little success, so at this point I wanted the guest to realise how serious we were about getting down and dirty with the spirits, I issued a challenge for the spirit to physically assault me at some point in the evening, no one else, just me. Our male guest, David then said that he felt like spirit wasn’t coming forward because there were to many of us in the room. So it was agreed that we would leave the two ladies on the bed while we went into the back bedroom again and asked for activity to increase. One guest leapt off the bed saying she wasn’t staying in the room alone so one of the other ladies got on and we left them there for a twenty minute vigil. Having got settled in the back bedroom around the spirit board, we got George coming through very quickly and the pressure he was putting on the glass made if screech across the board and drag a lot. We asked him if he could affect the ladies on the bed? “Yes!” We said go on then, the glass stopped in the middle of the board shaking with energy and then we heard a scream and fast moving footsteps. The ladies had lasted ten minutes on the bed, but when they felt someone get on the bed with them, that was enough to scare them out. They rejoined us and we continued on the board, finally challenging George to show us just how much energy he had, the glass had tipped a couple of times, so we urged him to knock the glass over. He did with ease.

As we’d been going for a good two hours, everyone felt the need of refreshments etc so we quietly headed downstairs. As the other team were busy in the kitchen we sat in the lounge and watched on the TV. Following a break for food and drink, we regrouped with Andy heading upstairs and we stayed down. Heading into the Nursery, we sat round the table where there was a home made spirit board, some candles, a bible and the trigger object we set up earlier, a platter covered in flour with a cross placed in the centre. We also had a rempod at the end of the room and Ann had a dowsing crystal. We spent sometime in there, calling out, trying the board etc with very little activity. Feeling that the room was quite “flat” we moved into the backroom area where we carried out a human pendulum. David was picked by spirit to be the target person so having moved into the centre, we started asking questions. We were visited by a 30 something female who was married to the 28 year old and had four children before both of them were murdered by George, the owner of the land. We asked her to move aside and David left the centre, then one of the ladies came into the circle and we called out again and got the same lady coming through, she had more to tell us, her newborn baby was George’s and that’s why she and her husband were killed. We asked if she would come through and talk to us on the spirit board, she said yes so we ended this vigil and brought the board into the area. We got more of the story from the lady on the table before George made a reappearance, we knew he wasn’t wanting to let the others have their say so after asking him some more questions we challenged him once again to tip the glass over to prove he could do it, that wasn’t good enough for George, he didn’t knock the glass over, he flipped completely so it was standing the right way up. At this point the four ladies in our group said that as it was 1am, they needed to leave due to being at work early in the morning, so having said goodbye and thanking them, we asked David if he was happy with the four of us staying downstairs or if he wanted to go join the others. He was happy to stay downstairs so the four of us headed back into the nursery and sat around the board, after calming George down, boy is he an angry man, we managed to ask him more questions. It turned out the thirty two year old woman was his eldest daughter who he had bedded when she was twelve (at this point we all felt angry at him and he started making the glass go round and round), having calmed down we explained that we weren’t judging him but that now things like that were not acceptable, not that we thought they would have been in 1828. But he calmed down and told us he was married with four children from his wife and one with his daughter. We felt we had gone as far with this story as we wanted to, so ended the session and headed upstairs to join the others. Andy and Mark were in the middle bedroom with some guests so we headed into the back bedroom where three ladies were on the board, I joined them while the others observed. The ladies said that they had got some activity on the board but not much, so I started calling out more aggressively and we got a reaction, it was George again. We asked him to take the glass to where he was standing in the room and the glass moved over to the same spot as he’d indicated earlier but it didn’t stop and dropped off the table. We then all went into the middle room where we joined in with the table tipping but the activity seemed to have ended. We had left Ann in the backroom on her own and she shouted so Abbie and Andy went to investigate with Mark joining them soon after. As it was 2am I told the guests that they were now into freetime so headed downstairs with them for a quick drink before they went off to do their own thing. David was in the lounge talking to Gaynor so I joined them and watched the TV screens. The Team were still up in the back bedroom, a group of three ladies went into the nursery and the rest wandered round spending time in the other rooms. I then joined the ladies in the nursery and we went on the spirit board calling out for anyone to come through. There was a little activity but nothing big but as we sat there calling out, the Rempod lit up like a Christmas tree with all lights flashing and the sound coming out like a police car. After about a minute, the Rempod battery died (It was a brand new one put in at the start of the night). I left the ladies to it and headed back to the lounge where David told me that as the Rempod went off, activity on the board upstairs increased with the glass moving really fast.

As it was nearly 3am I went to get the others and we gathered in the lounge for Andy to close the night down, thanking the guests for their energy and wishing them a safe journey home and thanking Gaynor for letting us into her home for the investigation. What a truly amazing first event for Dark Soul Events, if this is a sign of things to come, you really need to get yourself booked on an event soon, or you will never know what it’s like to attend an event where spirits are really put under pressure to come forward. The team worked brilliantly together and the energy that we all brought was incredible.


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