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The Talbot Inn


 30th September 2018 – The Talbot Inn, Leicester. LE4 5PF.

Our second outing with Dark Soul Events saw Abbie Kelley and I return to The Talbot Inn. Originally built in the early 1600’s and being rebuilt after being razed by fire at least once in it’s long history, this two storey building looks very unassuming from the outside. Having been a three storey building and a coaching house on the main road from Manchester to London and a final resting place for many travellers on their way to the gallows at Redhill, the spirits of those who past through and passed in this area are many and varied.

So we started the night, gathering just before midnight on Saturday night and, having got the kit and refreshments sorted, waited for our guests to arrive. By midnight, all were assembled and Andrew Dark-Se, Mark Hockey, Abbie and I were ready to get things going, but where was our guest medium, Ann Marie Pooleman. Having travelled from the NorthEast, it seemed the spirits were wanting to keep her from us as she just couldn’t seem to find her way the last few hundred yards to the Inn, going round in circles, trying to find us.

So while waiting for her to navigate her way to us, after Andy gave a brief welcome and potted history of The Inn, Mark led us all in a short meditation to heighten our senses and open us up to spirits as well as providing some protection around us for the night. The guest were then taken on a brief tour of the building, visiting each floor, the cellar, the main bar area on the ground floor and then the bedrooms and kitchen area on the first floor where we would be carrying out vigils for the night. Having returned to the base room, I led our team of Helen Jones, Paul Jones, Mark Clayton, his friend Dean and Dave Havok Trenholm upstairs for our first vigil while Andy and Mark led their team to the cellar. Abbie, waited in the baseroom for Ann.

On the walkround a few people had said, including myself, that they didn’t like the first bedroom along the landing, it was dark, foreboding and felt “off”. So me being me, led our group into this room for the first vigil. Having placed various bits of tech around the room we stood in a circle and started calling out. Alice was on form and started throwing words out and all the men started feeling dizzy, unsteady and generally being affected by whoever was with us. Alice gave us the name Tim and when we asked if it was Tim with us, the Rempod on top of the wardrobe started flickering and making a noise. We continued to question Tim, and having moved the Rempod into the middle of the circle, were answered by the activity on the Rempod increasing with both the heat sensor and the green light flashing and beeping. We had a little activity on the K2 but mostly the activity was within the circle. Whilst in the room Helen said that she felt something on her arm and when we looked there was a fresh scratch mark there. To try and determine the energy around us, we asked spirit to start raising peoples hand and soon Paul and my hands started raising and were soon at chest height. Then as ours continued to rise, both of Mark’s hands started to lift taking Dave and Dean’s with them. Mark’s hands lifted to about waist height and then moved together, Mark then said he felt like he was being moved into position for handcuffs or manacles to be out on him. We finished the experiment just as Abbie joined us after letting Ann in to go down and join the guys in the cellar. The atmosphere changed immediately with the room becoming lighter, less oppressive and calmer. So with the feeling that things had calmed down we moved along to the third bedroom where we carried out a human pendulum with spirit quickly picking Mark as their chosen vessel to communicate through. We spoke with a male who admitted to having started the fire that burnt The Inn down when it was three storeys high and that he died by accident in the fire along with many other people who were in the building at the time. He got very angry at the questions and I pointed out to Dave that Mark’s face had changed and when asked if spirit was showing us his face he said yes. At this point Helen mentioned that her other arm was sore and again she had been scratched but this time it looked like nail tracks on her arm that were quite deep and the skin raised around the marks. We moved from this room onto the landing where we carried out a short calling out and listening vigil with very little response although people did start feeling colder and we had the feeling that we were being watched. Abbie smelt a burning smell and as we walked down stairs to swap with the other group a number of us smelt it on the stairs.

 In the cellar we got settled and gathered at one end for a calling out session. We got activity on the K2 and got a few noises but as it is a working cellar we couldn’t be positive where the noises were from. I suggested recreating a vigil we had done on a previous visit to The Talbot but with a twist. I asked Helen and Dave to stand back to back on the concrete plinth at the far end of the cellar while we moved back toward the doorway. We asked spirit to come forward and use them as pendulums and to show us their yes and no answers. As they couldn’t see each other, their movements were not influenced by each other and the responses we got were excellent. We quickly determined we were communicating with two spirits a male and female who had been in the area at the same time and that “Helena” as we found out through Alice had nursed the man. Dave started feeling uncomfortable with pains in his back and as spirit didn’t want to remove the pain, we removed Dave and Paul took his place. Helena stayed with us but a different male energy came forward and we carried on questioning the couple. Following this experiment, we all regrouped at the door end of the cellar and, joining hands we called spirit forward to make themselves known. Not much happened for sometime but then as we got more forceful with our calling out, people around the circle started feeling very cold as though spirit was walking round and round us but not wanting to do anything else. At this point, knowing everyone was feeling drained and in need of a break we headed upstairs for a quick refreshment break. Andy’s group joined us and we all swapped stories of our evening so far. While we were talking, Andy’s Alice box said scratched arm which was a definite message about Helen being physically affected by spirit.

As time had marched on the guests were told they had the free run of the building and Andy said he was heading back upstairs to carry out a spirit board session if anyone wanted to join him and I said the same about the main bar area as we hadn’t been in there yet. The team that had been with Abbie and I stayed together and came through to the bar and we carried out a vigil on the board, getting activity fairly quickly. However, after a while it was evident that whoever we had on the board was not the five year old girl who was friends of The Boy who was known to sit in the fireplace swinging his legs as they claimed to be. Having tried to get spirit to communicate properly with no luck we said goodbye and left the table. We moved through to the bar in the baseroom area where reports had been made that pool balls had been heard over the years when there was no one in the room and no balls on the table. As we took our seats around the room, Abbie commented that there was enough tech on the table to light up the whole room if they all went off, unfortunately we didn’t get to experience that as not one device was affected. However, while we were in the cellar, Abbie had said to use the fuzzy thing, referring to our newly acquired spirit box with it’s fuzzy ball speaker. As we sat in the bar, Alice said “Fuzzy”, so we put the spirit box back on and although we did get a few words come through, they were indistinct so we were unable to determine if it was spirit talking to us or just random words. Andy came down to tell us that the board upstairs was very active so Mark went up to check it out while the rest stayed in the bar, everyone agreeing that since the second vigil in the cellar, our group seemed to not be getting much activity at all and it was felt that maybe because the activity was so good upstairs that the spirits had drifted up there, being drawn by the activity.

We ended the night with everyone regrouping in the base room for a quick chat about the night and the obligatory group photo. Having thanked everyone for attending and Helen for the awesome lemon drizzle cake and assorted goodies, we wished our guests a safe journey home, packed up our caravan and headed off, ready for round three at the Y Theatre and WWII bomb shelter on October 11th.



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