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 Saturday June 8th 2019
9pm - 9am (12 Hrs)

The Beech Drive Sleep-Over

Braunstone, Leicester

£29.99 Per Person


Unexplained fires, scratching, growling and intense heat are just a few of the experiences the owner of this sleepy suburban house has had to endure over the years.  With past investigations suggesting the presence of a spiritual portal or gateway to hell located within the walls of this property - What will the Dark Soul team and guests uncover when we spend the night at Beech Drive..


Event includes hot drinks, bottled water and light snacks throughout.
Dark Soul Events use traditional spirit communication methods and tools such as Oujia Boards and Pendulums combined with modern equipment such as Spirit Potals and REM Pods. 

There is every chance that the team will continue investigating throughout the entire night however our guided vigils will stop at 2am.  You are then able to crash on a bed or the floor until morning.  It is advisable that you bring a sleeping bag and pillow if you intend to actually sleep.

In the morning we will be serving up Sausage or Bacon Rolls.

 Booking Terms:

All bookings are bound by our terms and conditions and payments are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by ourselves.  In the unlikely event that a ghost hunt is cancelled due to the venue or weather we reserve the right to 30 days grace period to refund any ticket sales.