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Saturday November 2nd


Belgrave Hall


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Could this be the most haunted building in Leicester or maybe even the UK? - Join Dark Soul Events as we go in search of the spirit of John Ellis and his daughters, in particular that of Charlotte Ellis also known as the 'White Lady'.

Belgrave Hall was built in the early 18th century, in what was then a small village three miles from the town of Leicester. Now city traffic passes, almost unnoticed, just beyond the garden walls.

The Hall has changed hands many times but its owners have always played a major role in the economic, social and charitable life of the community.

Edmund Cradock, a prosperous hosiery merchant, built the Hall between 1709 and 1713 but died soon after its completion. The family of John Ellis purchased Belgrave Hall in 1845 and were noted for their good work in the community. Ellis, a wealthy businessman, was responsible for bringing the railway to Leicester in 1833.

The Hall was thrust into the spotlight when security cameras recorded two misty images in December 1998. CCTV footage showed a six foot tall white figure hovering outside a rear window of the property for five seconds, before disappearing over a nearby wall.

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Due to the dimensions of the figure, consequently named the 'White Lady', there has been speculation from ghost enthusiasts that the apparition is a woman in Victorian dress.

This figure is rumoured to be Charlotte Ellis, one of previous resident John Ellis' seven daughters. However, why Charlotte has been named as the ghost rather than any of her six sisters remains unknown.

Interest in the footage was so great that a team from the International Society for Paranormal Research (ISPR) was invited to investigate the incident.

It reported the ghostly presence of previous residents of the building, including children and servants, as well as spirits from a time prior to Belgrave Hall's existence.

The most widely reported sighting is of a woman in a long Victorian-style dress on the lower ground staircase gazing through a window into the garden. As a result of her attire, this vision has consequently been named 'The Victorian Lady'.

Staff and guests have also reported inexplicable shadows and cooking odours floating throughout the building, while they also report hearing mysterious footsteps on the upper floors.

DARK SOUL Events are not for the faint-hearted.  Each location is carefully chosen based on age, eye-witness accounts of hauntings or historical importance. The paranormal is vague and varied in how it should be explored and treated.  At Dark Soul Events we do not tie ourselves to one philosphy or ethical standing.  We treat the unknown as it should be treated - with an open mind.

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Founded in 2018, DARK SOUL Events will seek to remove you from your comfort zone and place you into real haunted locations.






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