National Justice Museum



Saturday December 28th 2019

10pm - 4:30am

The National Justice Museum


£45.99 Per Person



There has been a court on this site since at least 1375 and a prison since at least 1449. Over the centuries, many thousands of people have entered the building with a sense of dread for their future. The very steps to the entrance were the site of many public executions.


Join Dark Soul Events as we investigate Nottingham’s historic Shire Hall and County Gaol now known as the National Justice Museum (formally the Galleries of Justice).  Spend time alone in the condemned man's cell or spend a quiet moment or two in the dungeon as we look for the ghosts of those who perished in the hangman's noose.

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Founded in 2018, DARK SOUL Events will seek to remove you from your comfort zone and place you into real haunted locations.






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