Number 40, Sheep Street


Saturday April 27th 2019

10:30pm - 5am

Number 40, Sheep Street

Stratford Upon Avon

£39.99 Per Person



Truly a terrifying location for any ghost hunter or paranormal investigator is number 40, Sheep Street.  Also known as The Tudor World Museum or the infamous Falstaff Experience in Stratford Upon Avon.


Once stated to be one of the most haunted buildings in the UK, number 40 is a scary place to be during the daylight hours and after dark it takes things to a whole new level.  With low ceilings and wooden beams jutting down above you the building seems to come alive and swallow you up in its history which is to say long.


With macabre museum exhibits around each corner covering gruesome historical events such as the black death and witchcraft, you can be forgiven for feeling very on edge when attempting to communicate with the numerous spirits that haunt this amazing 16th century location.


Join Dark Soul Events for a terrifying night of paranormal investigation right in the heart of Shakespeare's town. 

About Us


Founded in 2018, DARK SOUL Events will seek to remove you from your comfort zone and place you into real haunted locations.






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