Talbot Inn


Friday May 10th 2019

11:45pm - 5am

The Talbot Inn


£29.99 Per Person


The pub opened in 1606 and it has had 41 landlords. One of these, Mary Dawson who died in 1764, is still said to walk the Talbot. Mani, who works at The Talbot has experienced a number of weird phenomena over the past year, though as yet he has not run into his phantom predecessor. He said: "We've heard banging on the door and when we opened it there was nobody there. "Once when I was locking up my son heard a great bang. He rushed to help me but I was fine." So what was the cause of the noise? Falling into the later category are Mary and a little boy who has been seen sitting by the fire, swinging his legs.

Kelly Robinson who had worked for eight years at the pub says that Mary is 'dressed in white, with an angry look on her face and long flowing hair." She has been seen walking through a wall in the cellar.

As for the little boy, he is thought to have been a child of a previous landlord. Says Kelly: "I've seen a picture of a customer sitting by the fireplace with a strange shape in the corner of the picture like a face looking down at her."

Another apparition seen on the premises is that of a man wearing an old fashioned cape and carrying a leather purse.So does all this haunting scare the staff? Kelly says: "Most of us are used to it... But I got locked down in the cellar once because nobody knew I was down there. I was only locked in for a few minutes but that was enough!"

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