The Old House


Saturday November 16th 2019

9pm - 2am

The Old House

Coalville, Leicestershire

£29.99 Per Person




Not much is known about the old house in Coalville.  There are many words you could use to describe it.. dark, damp and maybe even terrifying to name a few.  Rumour has it that a gentleman lost his mind and murdered his family here as they slept in their beds.

Disembodied voices, footsteps and all manner of knocks and bangs are heard here in the early hours.

Be part of a samll group to investigate the confined attic spaces, take part in oujia board sessions in the dining room and explore the pitch black and damp cellars that are straight out of a horror movie.

Join Dark Soul Events as we go insearch of the paranormal at The Old House in Coalville. 

About Us


Founded in 2018, DARK SOUL Events will seek to remove you from your comfort zone and place you into real haunted locations.






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