Tutbury Castle


Saturday May 4th 2019

9:30pm - 2am

Tutbury Castle


£39.99 Per Person



On the 4th February 1569, Mary Queen of Scots and sixty attendants, including her gaoler Knollys, rode into Tutbury Castle. She had been many hours in the saddle and for the first time since her arrival in England, she realised that she was now in prison.


Mary loathed Tutbury. Not only because of what it represented but also because it was cold, draughty and extremely damp – threatening Mary’s already delicate health. She wrote of its miseries in winter that ‘mechante vieille charpenterie’ caused the wind to whistle through her chamber. Rather than waxing lyrical about the magnificent view Tutbury offered, she described it as ‘sitting squarely on top of a mountain in the middle of a plain’, subjecting her to all the ‘winds and injures of heaven’.


Join Dark Soul Events as we go in search of paranormal activity at the imposing Tutbury Castle.  Will Mary Queen of Scots grace us with her presence?

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